Thursday, March 08, 2012

We Need Liberal Christian Pastors

I'm reading through the Archdruid Report today, and I get to the part where he talks about the three theological based political perspectives of the 18th century, conservative, liberal, and eschaton immanentizers. The liberals taught at the time that society was getting closer to God's Kingdom.

I'm thinking of how the conservative right is basically 18th century conservatism at this point, in several pockets around the United States. I went to a Charismatic Puritan church for a while in my fundy days.

Society is ripe for 18th century values. What we need are 18th century liberal values to be taught from the pulpits of the churches, doctrine that the transformation of society towards an image of the Kingdom of God is the thing Christians ought to be doing. There's plenty of scripture to support it. Christians love to be challenged to do godly things, challenge a church to donate time and materials for a women's shelter, and they try to outdo one another in sacrificing whatever they can, if you put it to them in the right way.

Someone needs to balance the rhetoric that's hitting the ears of the evangelical world, give them an option to hear the Word of God taught from a nicer perspective. Mix in some Ecstatic Eastern Mysticism couched in language from the New Testament and belly dancing in the name of the Lord (call it Jesus-oom ba or whatever), and you'll make a mint, too.

Something like Archangel Foster's Church of the New Revelation would be great.

[Edit: Jason writes that there are indeed liberal pastors! Halleluiah!]