Saturday, November 23, 2013

Get into the Divine Groove... But first...

In today's post, I'd like to talk about how to accomplish the goal of attainment in hermetics as I understand it, but also (and perhaps more importantly) what has to happen first.

Ideal City by Piero Della Francesca
The goal of Hermetics is to bring you to full consciousness of your innate divine nature and how that divine spirit manifests through your material body to create and experience the world. The system, as I understand it, is not that complicated. I use the Trivium model of classical education, loosely, as my model for teaching all this stuff, when you're ready to start learning. 

The Trivium were the three phases of education given to free citizens. They were the following:
  • Grammar: The introduction of the pieces and parts of the systems you are studying. When you learn to read and write a language, the first thing you must learn is the letters, the smallest unit that is used to make the larger units. You learn how they come together to make the sounds used when speaking the words of the language. You learn basic vocabularies, and the rules of spelling these words. You learn the basics of conjugation on these small vocabularies, and you learn the basic rules of how sentences are formed.
  • Logic: Once you've learned the basics and have a decent vocabulary, you begin to learn the logic behind the rules. You begin to learn nuance by studying the things others have written, more complicated dissertations and studies. You learn greater vocabularies, and you study not only the basic techniques of communication, but the methods of expressing meaning and information in style.
  • Rhetoric: When you have mastered the grammar and logic phases, you are ready to enter the rhetoric stage, where you take what you've learned and apply it. You are no longer reading the arguments of others, you are using the skills you've learned to craft your own arguments, to write your own poems, to sway audiences with your persuasive writing skills, to demonstrate the fallacies of competing ideas and the strengths of your own. You are no longer only using the language for basic communication, you are a master, using it to change the world around you.
Now, in every phase, you are learning to create and express ideas. What you learn as you progress is nuance, skill, complexity, and grace. A child in the grammar phase can express that they are hungry. An adolescent in the logic phase can express several types of food they are interested in consuming, and make compelling arguments for eating what they want. A master in the rhetoric stage can speak of the succulent aromas, textures, and flavors of foods, while weaving the ambiance of good friends celebrating life together over a bountiful meal in a way that leaves his audience drooling, and eager to be a member of the party that eats at the master's table, perhaps even being lucky enough to buy the master his meal.

That's the goal of the Red Work courses. The Black Work provides the grammar phase of instruction, the White and Green provide the Logic phase, and the experiences you gain in these come together to create the Master Hermeticist.

This is great for folks who are ready to start learning, who have time to go to god school, time to sit and do introspective contemplation, to understand who they are in relation to the temporal and eternal realms, and become divine gods in the flesh creating their world for their enjoyment as they see fit...

But fuck, man, sometimes life's more like ...

Learning all the stuff, integrating the forces, experimenting, developing skills, that stuff is the ideal goal, but when your shit's on fire, you don't go to class. You put out the freaking fire.

And if you can't put out the fire, you call a fireman.

Or a friendly neighborhood Hermeticist. I really like the Caduceus image, because it's used by medics. Triage, emergency work, putting out the fire, stopping the bleeding, fixing the leak before you start mopping, pick whatever analogy you like. If your life is going to hell, you aren't going to be able to take the time to learn anything. Once you've got things on track though, you'll be able to absorb that stuff like a sponge.

This is why I offer the products and services, as well as the Magus Factory stuff. I REALLY want everyone to be magicians, because that's ideal. But before you can learn that, you need to be able to focus. Not enough money is the biggest problem most folks have, and the easiest one I know of to fix with magic. Get a wealth talisman. Jupiter's the best for rapid expansion, if you know for sure Jupiter isn't afflicted in your natal. If Jupiter is afflicted in your natal, there's a Venus talisman that works similarly to the Jupiter talisman. If you're not sure if Jupiter's afflicted in your natal chart, check online for free, or have me (or an actual astrologer) do it for you. No matter what your situation is, though, there are rites or talismans that can be used to bring opportunities into your life.

Speaking of Venus talismans, the next biggest stressor people have in their lives keeping them from focusing on becoming magicians is der luuuuurve lives... relationships can be a major pain. Being in one is killing you, not being in one is killing you, breaking up is killing you, getting together is scaring the fuck out of you... Relationship issues are as stressful as money issues, honestly. Again, there are rites that can be performed, and talismans made to bring you peace of mind over your relationship situation. For the Love Magic stuff, I don't have a page up yet, but I'll be working on that soon. For now, email me and I'll talk to you about your situation and let you know what I can do.

And then there's the general anxiety default, where you might have enough money, and you might be fine regarding relationships, but you just can't seem to relax and you don't know what to do about it. For those situations, a general diagnosis can take a deep look at everything that's going on in your life to figure out where that sense of displacement and dis-ease might be coming from, as well as recommending the path to fix the issue. 

And if you just can't seem to get anywhere, and you're stuck, and you want someone who has been doing this stuff for a wile and has used it effectively in their own life and the lives of their clients and friends to step in and fix everything, there's the RO Personal Treatment

And folks, remember, I learned all this stuff for free, going through, and the sacred texts of the corpus Hermeticum. And you don't have to go through me, if something else is more your style. Jason Miller is offering his services full time now too, and I have root worker friends, astrologers both modern and renaissance, geomancers and demonolators who I'd recommend you to if that's your thing instead of Hermetics. Ask me, and I'll hook you up. Email address link is above. 

Whatever it takes, whatever path works for you, brothers and sisters, fix your lives, have a good time, get on with the enjoyment. Not sayin' it's all going to be easy, but it's certaily going to be more enjoyable overall.

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