Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Done with the skull, now get it out of here...

Well, me hearties....

I'm done with the crystal skull of the DEAD!!! bwahahahaha...

I'm satisfied with the results, and I'm confident that the skull image and the spirit conjuration during the rite has successfully created a pretty powerful talisman that will cause strange dreams and visions for the owner.

And now I'm ready for it to be out of the house.

A friend from one of the lists sent me a pdf that talked about the "Black Dog" apparitions and mentioned Tezcatlipoca. If you get into the earliest recorded descriptions of the beliefs of the Aztecs in Mexico (as recorded by priests looking to have a record of native beliefs in case they made a resurgence that needed stamping out), you can see that Tezcatlipoca was among other things a manifestation of the "trickster" deities. He's a lot like Coyote or Loki. Buy the stone and I'll forward you the pdf.

Anyway, anyone interested in buying the crystal skull should be into two things: necromancy in some form, and trickster deities in general.

By necromancy, I mean anything having to do with communicating with dead spirits. It would make an excellent addition to a medium's collection. If you're a working Sorceror, like Moloch, this is the kind of thing I'd expect to find in your collection somewhere. Not only does it work to commune with specific dead people (I met with Agrippa), it also aids in seeing the shades of the dead that populate our life invisibly. It can get a little... creepy.

If you're one of the growing community of spiritual healers, like Nita Hickok at Astral Healer, this kind of tool would be very useful in dealing with spirits troubling your clients. It would aid in Exorcisms (via the Bune-spirit) or in dealing with Curses, Hexes, or other Crossed Conditions (via Tezcatlipoca).

By being into the trickster deities, I mean that you should have an affinity for working with that particular kind of entity. Tezcatlipoca brings warnings, sends visions, and aids sorcerors in eliminating other sorcerors' curses.

He also is a bit of a prankster. Things have gone missing since I activated this particular spirit's influence in the skull, electronics have gone somewhat haywire, and I've had a lot of peculiar dreams. I've "lost" my favorite pocket knife, and I'm hoping getting rid of this thing will result in its return.

Also... Well, I'd be remiss in not mentioning it, but Tezcatlipoca doesn't mesh well with a neo-platonic Christian environment. I wouldn't call the skull "cursed" because nothing terrible has happened, but it is definitely not a particularly friendly entity towards the whole Judeo-Christian belief system.

So I'm selling it.

It's $45, and is currently available on my Products and Services Page. That includes shipping to the US.

First come first served.

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