Thursday, August 07, 2008

Goetic Magic

Everyone should read the Goetic Magic blog.

Brother Boyle from the Conspiracy of Pleasure blog has been posting a few interesting tales, and I've received an email from Yuzuru detailing his conjuration experiences with the four archangels of the LBRP. I'm cleaning it up a bit, but it should be posted soon. I'm including it because it's technically a sub-lunar rite, sort of, depending on how you look at it.

I'll be updating it more frequently too, lord willing. I invited most of the people I know to co-author the blog, but most folks have worked primarily with celestial spirits. I'm surprised, personally, because I thought I was pretty average, and I've been doing this goetic stuff for a couple of years now. Most folks into Magic that I tend to befriend are into the Great Work, and don't seem as interested in goetic stuff as I am.

However... I expect the posting to pick up as soon as people start reading it. Something about being read makes folks want to participate.

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