Friday, August 22, 2008

That thing I meant to finish...

A year and a half ago, I posted about making this little mini-altar kind of thing for my Genius. The original post is at this link for your reference.

Today, I finished it. I've learned a lot more about my Genius since then, so it turned out a little different than planned. It's basically an elemental hierarchy tool now. It's got my Genius at the top, exalted. The Name is in gold leaf. There's the Four Kings of the Corners of the World under that, followed by the Four Rulers of the Elements, the Four Princes of spirits, upon the four angels [angles] of the world, and it's got the Four Princes of Devils opposed in the elements sealed up in lead in the base. It's also got my Evil Daimon's name sealed up in lead in the base.

The lettering on the top and outside of the thing is done in gold leaf. The demonic names I had to improvise. I started by consecrating a sheet of steel to Mars and Kammael by carving the symbol of Mars and the name of Kammael on one side. Then I conjured Kammael in the hour of Mars on the day of Saturn to seal the spirits named on the reverse side of the seal, preventing them from bringing evil into my life. Then I carved the names of the Four Princes of Devils and the name of my Evil Daimon in the steel.

I melted a 4 ounce lead weight purchased from Walmart, and poured roughly half of it into the base of the thing. Then I placed the steel into the base, and covered that with more lead. The steel tried to float to the top of the lead. The lead literally pulled away from the steel to reveal the names of the demons. It was like they were trying to get out, or at least keep a toe hold in this world. I hit the lead in the wood base with a blow torch, and when it melted, I had to press it down into the lead until it was sealed in nice and tight. I finished by engraving the seal of Saturn into the Lead and conjuring Tzaphqiel to keep them bound in the lead as well.


  1. I like the overall idea and theory behind this. It's great to see someone putting traditional theory into practice in new and interesting ways. One practical thing though, the candle flame may be close enough to the vertical back to scorch it over time. Give that it's the name of your Genius on there, it's definitely not a good thing to have happen...

  2. It's far enough back that I should be ok, but thanks for the warning. I'll put a few coats of clear varnish on it to protect the Genius name, and then just wipe it clean as needed.

    I'm kind of looking forward to seeing how it ages.


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