Thursday, August 07, 2008

Not to be mixing belief systems

Ok, so I know, a lot of my friends thought I was nuts for playing with Tezcatlipoca. (The skull is in transit to his new owner, may he find all he seeks.) I got a lot of emails and IMs that questioned my sanity. Not directly, but more like... "I dont know what you're intent is, but good luck..."

I got sucked into Tezcatlipoca's imagery and mythology while researching the Crystal Skull phenomenon in general. What I found was that the crystal skulls are deeply entrenched in the whole Mexican prehistoric religions, and to make the talisman more potent, Tez seemed an obvious choice.

My thanks to St. Faust for pointing out the Coyote relationship to Tez. My earliest researching hadn't indicated that particular sode of the god, focusing instead on his roles in the creation myths and his role as the patron deity of Sorcerors. Knowing he was invoked to see visions in the Aztec Mirrors was enough for me to work with him.


I'm a Christian. There's a harmonic resonance to my Spheres from all the Work I've done with the Logos, Christ, and the archangels. Tezcatlipoca is not now, nor ever has been an angel. "Like" an angel, maybe, in the same way that Hermes or Mercury was "like" an angel, but he's definitely his own manifestation of God, and is not particularly fond of being worked with from a different system's rules. Or at least, he didn't like me and the way I worked with him much. Or maybe I just didn't like him. Who knows?

I'm writing this up as a successful experiment, but going forward, I'm sticking with the Christian Neo-Platonic systems' spirits that have worked so well with me in the past.