Thursday, August 14, 2008

General Updates

If you've subscribed to my feed, you'll note that only the first bit is coming through now instead of the whole blog post. You have to click the link to see the full post. I know it's a pain in the butt, but people were posting the entire blog on different web sites with their own Google adsense stuff all over it, so they were profiting off my work. Sorry, I don't play that game.

After seeing the cool new skin over on the Conspiracy of Pleasure, I couldn't take my blog's color scheme anymore, so it's been updated.

There's no more adult content warning. I'll try not to cuss as much. I changed it because Google's adsense content crawler was checking the warning page to see what kind of ads to display, which is why for months you've seen ads for blogs instead of magic-related things. Lord willing, that's going to change now, whenever the Google bots get around to this site again. Now that I've said Google a hundred times in this post the ads will all be about Google. :Sigh:

Enought technical skullduggery. Back to the Great Work!

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