Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Recipes for the Fey

Knowing how to prepare for dinner with the fey can be very difficult. There simply aren't a lot of surviving cookbooks that address the finer points of fey-cuisine.

Fortunately, they're a versatile bunch, and seem to go well with just about any combination of flavors. Mexican spices are as pleasing as lemon pepper, or garlic and shallots with a light sherry sauce. My favorite is butter and garlic with tarragon, liberally applied.

Personally, when cooking with the fey, I've found that just about any recipe for shrimp works really well. Beginning at 2:25:

I was originally concerned about their bones, and perhaps the scarcity of meat, but the bones seem to soften right up. You must be careful though, overcooking your fairies turns them tough and rubbery. I prefer them with the wings removed. Some have suggested setting the wings aside and using them as garnish, but they look too much like cecaida wings to me, and they put me right off my appetite.

"Gosh, honey, Daddy sure HOPES
the tooth fairy comes tonight!"
Once you get the hang of it, you'll find the hardest part is catching them in the first place. Word of your taste will soon spread throughout their realm, and they'll rarely come within reach. Clever strategies can be devised, however, that play on their overriding instincts.