Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Next Two Weeks

Well, with the New Moon finally upon us, and Mercury Direct, though still getting back up to speed, I'm planning a lot of manifestation magic. Now's a good time to get in touch with me for things like Wealth and Prosperity rites, and "Good Luck on That" rites.

Also, I've had good reports coming in from the folks who purchased the Business Booster rites. I think they're ready to go live, full time. One client is looking at getting out from under a massive debt that's haunted his family for years, has had business rivals become partners, and has continued to expand his business opportunities globally. Another who started more recently made back the initial investment in windfalls within the first month, and has since seen a remarkable increase in new business.

As promised, the price has gone up. It's now $1,200 for Business Booster rites. The rite takes what you have and enlarges the base, strengthening the core structure of the business, and then starts adding to it. The people who are seeing the most success have a strong business model already in place. It takes five-figure a year revenues and pushes it to 6 figures, or six-figure revenues and pushes them to seven-figures. It's not always manifesting in 10-fold business growth immediately, but it does add a certain momentum to your existing business that continues to grow as you continue the rites.

The Theurgic effects of the rite are also something that a couple of my clients have mentioned. For example, one client writes:

I agree strongly with you that working on the spheres in general brings positive benefits throughout my whole life. I seem to get along with people better. People around me are more proactive at problem solving. In others its like all the right tracks have been greased a bit in my life. Its to such an extent that even if I didnt get any thaumaturgic results, the theurgic results are more than worth it.

I'm going to be working with one guinea pig clients on establishing new revenue streams, tweaking the initial Secret Rite I offer to be more specifically aimed at getting new businesses going. I have one client in the chute now, and I'd like to find a couple more. If you're interested in a Business Launching rite, a modified version of the Business Booster, I'll keep it at the $695 price tag for now.* It will include the same basic stuff as the Business Booster, but will also involve some specific Birthing rites of Venus, and will be adapted accordingly.

I'll have to update my products and services pages soon. For now, if you're interested in the higher-end services, please contact me via email.

* The higher rate separates the sheep from the goats, and time is precious these days.

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