Sunday, August 28, 2011

War Wood

This morning I went for a drive to survey the damage from the hurricane. Whatsername. Ilene, Irene, I can't remember which is the song and which is the storm right now.
I'm writing from my phone because the power's out. They won't start fixing that until the winds die down. So I was awake, the family were asleep, my phone was dying and I needed to charge it in the car anyway, so I went for a drive.
I took a lot of pictures as I went. Lots of downed trees, a couple of closed roads, but overall not too bad. Except one person in town was killed by a falling tree.
I was  driving by an old lutheran graveyard when I saw this tree had split and fallen. I parked and collected a bunch of the wood for magical purposes. "War wood."
I'm doing some work on it  with saturn and mars, and the elements. I can think of a few ways to use it. I gave lots of little slivers that will fit nicely into a mojo bag. I gathered the wood, bark, leaves, and branches. Some of it has mud on it from where it struck the earth.
One chunk is the perfect size to make an elemental blasting rod. That's going to be fun to make.