Monday, September 26, 2011

Business Report

Following up on the last post, I thought I'd go into some more detail on recent projects.

Business Booster: Lite

I put together the Business Booster: Lite ritual for a client who didn't have the time to do the Gates Rites. I don't think it will be as effective, and I strongly encouraged him to find the time to do the rites for ascension purposes, but nevertheless I expect it to be very successful.

The trick was trying to find a way to anchor the forces I'm releasing during the rites into his sphere. I think we found a way using the spirits of the talismans I made for him, and a link to the forces using a phrase from the rite spoken at appropriate times.

If you're interested in test flying it with me and him, you need to have a business idea in mind already, you need to have the means and will to get started on it, and then we'll get together and do the magic to supercharge it and increase the chances of its success.

If you're interested in being part of the test group, I will take on 2 additional clients for it. Email me by clicking on this link and we'll talk price.

It's a five-week cycle of rituals I perform on your behalf, it comes with two talismans, and you'll need to, on the appropriate days, perform a micro-rite that will take a few minutes, tops. And you'll need to visualize some stuff while you're falling asleep.

Hermetic Diagnosis

And the plural is diagnoses. I wish I'd thought of that before picking a name. You know how annoying it is writing "diagnoses?" Well, try it if you don't believe me. You'll see.

Anyway, the Hermetic Diagnosis is perhaps the best thing I've ever done for people. In brief as a refresher, the Hermetic Diagnosis is a careful inspection of your spiritual health. It includes a tarot reading, a check for any curses or crossed conditions, and an analysis of your current relationship with the forces represented by the planetary spheres.

Now imagine me doing this for people several times a week. Each time, I'm conjuring up the Seven Archangels of the Planets. I'm ascending through all the heavens and getting an intimate view of a person's personal relationship with the forces that create the universe. I'm tapping into the forces that flow through the intelligences into the world at large to get a glimpse into how these forces are playing out in a person's spiritual life.

Oh, my brothers and sisters, it changes you. Immerse yourself a few times a week in these powers, see for yourself the things that happen. It's beautiful. You learn so much about the planets and your own relationship to the forces involved in the unfolding of fate as you work with them. It's a series of progressive catalysts that kick off chain reactions in your sphere that all work together to create the processes of experienced existence. It's the DNA production of enzymes and proteins that results in life. Tick tick. Kerplooie.

And the intimacy with the powers gives you... well. You lot know I don't mind looking crazy, right? I'll talk about conjuring archangels and I'm totally comfortable acknowledging that yes, yes I do talk policy with God, in fact. Regularly. This is the kind of stuff that's kinda nuts, you know? Fringe stuff.

But the deeper stuff I've gotten into I'm hesitant to talk about a lot. First, the words I'd use are lies. They'd be true, but still, reading them is direction and any direction I'd give would be misdirection, distraction from the Source that you need to be looking to for the direction. I can only talk around it, about it, and it's not ideal at all. Maybe with the caveat up front that you've got to look beyond the words to the thing I'm dancing with would help. Maybe not, because of the second thing.

The second thing is, it's fucking insane and most rational folks reading about it would be like, "Whoa, RO's totally lost it. I thought that shit only happened with Enochian magic."

But third, and probably the most compelling reason not to mention it is because I really don't want to talk about it. The Projection stage is about doing it, putting the magic into practice, applying the spiritual lessons to the world at large, making it better as you see fit.

See? I've used those words for years, so really, I've been saying it all along, talking the most important thing. So you already know it. Gah. Do. It's a verb.

Enough sermonizing. Sorry, it slipped. Can't help it.

As I've done more and more of these things, I've exercised my divination muscles a lot, and in all honesty, I'm pretty buff at the moment.* I find myself using the crystal ball less and less, and using my astral sight more and more. I'm seeing things about people's spiritual state in rich detail, and the results are getting spooky for some clients. Here's one recent response from a client:
RO, I just read the diagnosis and I had to move away from the screen too often!!! It is scary how accurate it is and the Moon and Venus issues are just astounding. I never trusted my earlier attempts at anything astral as they seemed to subjective (I am very analytical - BS in chemistry - Hence you were dead on on Mercury as well!!!) Venus, this is the part that I could not handle, it was TOOOOOOO accurate - [personal information removed.] I cannot believe that you picked up on that at that level.
Another client wrote: 
There´s so much things i could refer in the diagnose that are extremely correct, and you know that :), so i´ll just say that i am very glad with it !!!
I would post a lot more similar responses, but they usually go into specific details that I'm not comfortable sharing publicly. These are at a high enough level that I can post them without getting into too much detail, but they're a good sample of the kinds of things people say. There's usually one major area that someone is working on, or that is primarily impacting their lives, and the diagnosis reveals it in a way that lets people work on it directly.
Oh, and doing these has been great for my self confidence. Like many magicians (and humans in general) I tend to think that I'm dealing with issues that no one else could understand. Come to find out, most of us are suffering the same kinds of things. After providing the diagnosis, I always ask my clients if they have any questions or if there's anything they want clarified, and in the ensuing conversations we get into specific details about the path magic takes us on, and it's great to be able to reassure people that the things they're going through are normal, and that some things that seem terrible are actually really good indications of success to come.

And I really like it when I can help. Obviously I can't go into details, but a client was contacting me to see if they had anything blocking their financial success,** and something came up about their relationship. I gave them the warning, predicted the struggles they'd have to face, and provided some hints about what would bring them through it faster. A couple months later I got a beautiful report of their struggles and triumphs, and how the advice I gave ended up being the solution that worked for them.

Overall, this product is my favorite to do. It's benefited the clients, providing them an overview of their spiritual health and upcoming situations that require their attention, and it's put me right where I need to be to keep moving forward in my own spiritual path.

Good times!

* At divination. Still pudgy physically.

**  Money's a big issue for everyone, that's why I write about it so much. Simple solution: Do magic to get rich, man. It works.


  1. I love it when you wax poetic about the work.

    We should set some time aside on Saturday to talk trans-planetary 8th and 9th sphere and abyssal stuff.

    It does get funky explaining it and the language that western occultism is comfortable with just doesn't quite do it justice.

  2. I remember stumbling upon your site/blog months ago and thinking "I definitely want a Hermetic diagnosis with this guy".

    It hasn't happened thus far, but this post of yours is a great reminder.

  3. This reminds me of how awesomely appropriate it was that magicians were once called "Doctor".


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