Saturday, September 24, 2011

What happened to RO?

So I made a comment on FB about politicians needing to wipe the jizz of their donors off their chins before lying to me, and a couple people were all, "Where have you been!?" I didn't realize I was missing. Then I checked, and I haven't made blog posts or been on FB or much of anything for the last couple of weeks.

I've been busy, yo. I have a lot of shit in process. Since April when we started the Jupiter cult and the subsequent outpouring of blessings and grace, both financial and spiritual, I've been steadily getting more and more ideas, plans, plots, and opportunities to take over the world. Instead of talking about it, I've been doing it.

I made a pretty major breakthrough in the 8th sphere stuff a couple of weeks ago. It's not even 8th sphere sturff, it just takes the 8th sphere stuff to make sense of it all. It's really nothing "more" than Kundalini and the Sacred Fire that flows. It's what a lot of new age books have been talking about for years and years. I'm using techniques I learned from C. W. "Pedobear" Leadbetter's Chakras. Things I've mocked and ridiculed for years are turning out to be useful Tech, in spite of the bullshit wrapper it comes in. Babies and bathwater, I suppose.


Suffice it to say that the stuff I'm doing now is not at all like what I was doing before. It's the difference between visualizing the archangels of the corners of the world during an LBRP and actually conjuring them and knowing them intimately in a communal rite. All that meditative stuff I did before without initiation, stuff I was sure was real and making a difference in life was in comparison total crap.

Real quick, I just want to say that going up levels in initiation does not result in leaving behind the "trappings of ritual" at all. You don't get to a point where you no longer "need" the implements of ritual to "do magic." There are things you can do without full rites and rituals as you progress, but they are still predicated on having done the rites and rituals previously. And when you do the full rites, the difference in power and effect is monumental.

I did some more work on the Business Booster Lite rite, and that will be another post. And a ton of Hermetic Diagnoses, which led to the insights into the kundalini thing and a new "level up" experience. I'll be posting some reactions to the Diagnoses people have had. It's kind of funny now to hear some things.

I'm also getting ready for the upcoming Crucible presentation. Next weekend in Jersey.

Anyway, many blessings upon you, and expect to see more of me in the coming days. I have a couple other projects that aren't getting any exposure until they've reached a bit more solidification. If all goes according to plan, all will be revealed in the coming weeks.


  1. sounds like your life is filled with prosperity

  2. well, if you don't make scout sale online this year...there's always next year!

  3. Bro,

    I'm glad you finally recognized the worth and value of developing the chakras; while some others think this is new age bullshit.

    This is something I work on every single day.

    Fr VL

  4. Hey, beloved Hermetic and thoroughly Western magicians--how about we refer to our internal concentrations of Spiritual Fire as Metals, instead of using chakras? Why, you ask? Because I asked nicely. Isn't that enough?


    You can leave the new-age angle behind entirely, and still be accurate.

    I like that you're getting exactly what you Worked for, bro! Life's good.

  5. Cheers, mate. I love your posts, but blogging is secondary to life, after all.


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