Sunday, September 11, 2011

Oh, Christians!

The role of the Christian in the world, according to the bible, is to love god, to be kind, and to share the gospel. Do that, and you'll fulfill all the commandments. 

The Gospel is this: Jesus died for your sins and you're forgiven. That means you can sit down with God and talk to him. You can talk about your life and find out what your purpose is for being here. You can know and be known by your Source. There's nothing separating you. You don't have to be good and nice and kind to hang out with God, all that sin or bad behavior is not a barrier between you anymore. God can be a friend, like he was with Adam, and Moses.

That's what Christians are here to do. They aren't here to push the gospel on anyone, or to convert anyone. The Holy Spirit does that when you speak the gospel, if it needs to be done. You don't tell people what to do.

And Christians aren't here to run for political office. They aren't here to establish the Law of Moses as the Law of the Land. They aren't here to picket abortion clinics. They aren't here to deny gay couples the right to marriage. They aren't here to meddle in the things of the world.

Christians who do more than Love God, Love their Neighbor, and Speak the Gospel are exceeding their mandate, giving in to their evil natures, trying to dominate and control the world so we're safe, when god says to depend on him for our safety, not politics, not police, not the military. He places the government in place, and Christians are told to pray for the leaders of the land, not against them, and certainly not to try to become them.

If you're a Christian, read this and remember, God wants you, to spend time with you. Let the world go to hell if that's what it wants to do, God is in control. Pray for our fellow Christians to change their hearts and return to God. Pray for this message to spread through the Body of Christ like a prairie wildfire.

If you're not a Christian, please try to remind Christians that this is all they're supposed to be doing. They've been lied to, coerced by evil men, and they'll argue and fight with you at first. Sorry about that.