Monday, May 28, 2012

Back from Vacation

Hey all, I just got back from an awesome three day vacation with my parents and sister, and our combined families. For all you twenty- and thirty-somethings, when you start getting closer to forty, the things about your family that drive you insane now just don't matter anymore, to anyone, and you can just hang out and have a good time. I haven't seen my sister in ten years. Maybe twelve. Because we could never really stand each other growing up. Consequently, my kids, 9 and 10, had never met her kids, 7, 9, and 15. The cousins had a blast, the grandparents had a blast watching the cousins have a blast, and me and my sister and her husband had a great time laughing about all the family stories me and my sister have told.

And something else, I found out my memories of stories I've been telling for years are total and complete shit. They tell me I've completely rewritten my past. I think they're the ones who have forgotten what really happened, but who really knows? Nostalgia: almost 100% pure bullshit.

So anyway, fuck the past, move on to the future, and have fun! It's fun.

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