Thursday, May 17, 2012

Happy RO Day!

I started writing this on my Birthday, May 13th, but I got distracted and forgot about it. So... uh, Happy Belated RO Day... from... RO. Yeah.

Well, another year's gone by, and I'm going through yet another Solar Return. Happy Birthday to me!

Someone wished me a Happy RO Day on Facebook, and I like it. When I die, I want my feast day to be on May 13th. People should give each other encouragement, and gifts on this day, and I will bring as much prosperity and healing and occult power and wisdom as I can to those who celebrate my feast day. 

When I die, that is. 

There's a reason my death is on my mind. I'm getting old. My hips hurt if I sleep on them wrong. I just said that. And it's true. I'm slowing down, I can't keep up with all the stuff I could keep up with just two years ago, let alone 20. My goatee is flecked with silver hairs. My daughter said to me the other day, "Dad, I know why you're going bald," and I was like, I'm NOT going bald. She got a serious thoughtful look on her face, and said, "Dad, I know why your hair is growing further apart now." 

And it's not just my body, it's my mind. I can't think as quickly as I used to. I talk to a few young guys who are my students and friends, and I can see the difference between us. They're on fire to do as much magic in as short of a period of time as possible, and I'm all, dude, wait, hold on, prepare more, build your way up, take your time, this is going to end weakly if you're lucky, and hurt horrifically if you actually succeed in all the initiations and K&CHGA stuff you've done this week. 

And then there's hangovers... My god, hangovers. I didn't really know what those were in my 20s and 30s. I thought I did, but turns out, I was wrong.

They're much worse.

But on the plus side, with age comes a lot more benefits than aches and pains. I get to sit back and laugh when, despite my warnings, the noobs go boom. I know how to manifest shit they can't even dream of. I have the wisdom to plan, the experience to execute the plan, and the stamina to keep on working through the shit times to get to the end. I've been through enough Shit Seasons to know they're temporary and not to give up when it gets shitty.

And these days I get to plan a lot bigger than I used to. World domination isn't just a pipe dream anymore. I've already started, and it's totally working. My current milestone is to change the face of modern occultism, to connect modern magicians with techniques of Hermetic practice that will blow the doors off their LBRP and Middle Pillar exercises.

So far, so good.

In 17 months, expect something Really Big.