Tuesday, May 01, 2012

The Ultimate Anarchist Plot

Let's go blow up a bridge!

Er... no, fucktard.


Conform like a motherfucker, make a bajillion dollars, sell your soul to the capitalist scum to get elected, along with your secret cabal, and when you get in office...


Come on, you stupid motherfuckers! You're already sociopaths, for christ's sake! Use your God-Given Talent and take over the fucking world!

Don't blow up bridges. You stupid fucking morons.

Occupy Congress. Make change.


  1. I concur RO. Controlled change is always the best way, especially if you get some goodies for yourself along the way. I would rather learn how to build the bridge, rather than just blow it up...but the know-how of blowing shit up demonstrates nicely how much control and power one truly wields. I guess it's just the power of "self control" that you're truly talking about by showing the power to build, rather than destroy within the correct context.

  2. I don't understand what they thought they would accomplish. Anarchy is against authority, but what they were doing was trying to destroy and create chaos. I don't think they even had the paradigm right to their own beliefs. Maybe the media applied the Anarchist title and they really had some other beliefs. I'm not defending anarchy, just saying it isn't consistent with those actions.

  3. Organized... chaos... hmm.....

  4. For an alternative approach:

    and be sure and read the comments afterwards at Reddit

  5. As a philosophical, Christian anarchist I find the destruction of property that's been happening on account of black-bloc tactics to be profoundly mislead and short-sighted...

    Oh, that's right, because most of the label-anarchists are typically profoundly mislead about anarchic thought, theory and that little thing called vision and accountability.

  6. "Success is Rebellion" has become my new motto. "Become evil and rule the world" is a good one as well. Shout out to Uncle Setnakt.

  7. Like michaelseblux wrote, there is little room for chaos in the anarchism that for example Tolstoy espounded, or even in the socialistic anarchism and unionism that still to this day are quite popular in Spain.

    To complete what Bonds were saying, the basic idea is about the decentralisation of authority. But I guess that people who generally like to blow stuff up never got to that part.


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