Tuesday, May 29, 2012

SharePoint Sucks

Kingdom Management never ends.

My new job pays well, but it's very time consuming, and I'm doing things I've never done before with a very tight deadline. It's hectic, and the learning curve is steep. I'm building a document monitoring system out of SharePoint, and not even the latest version. It's like trying to make a space shuttle out of legos. The end result might look like a space shuttle, from a distance, but get too close or try to actually get to space, and... you're gonna have a bad time.

So, I've conjured Cassiel of Saturn for occult wisdom (figuring out SharePoint reminds me a lot of trying to figure out Enochian Magic). I also worked with him on time management, making my work hours more productive so I can meet the impossible deadlines. I've also Worked with Raphael of Mercury to help me figure out the design solution and where to find a big enough hammer to pound this mofo into shape. I've done other rites with the other planets to keep things under control and my efforts successful as well.

Having the seven planetary talismans made and on hand all the time is super convenient. It gives me a way to at least influence every aspect of my manifest reality, and in many cases to be able to control it entirely. I've been particularly impressed with the abilities of some Saturn Spirits under Cassiel to provide access to the key pieces of information I need in a timely manner (JIT - Just in Time). There's been a lot of synchronicity and deja vu involved today. Definitely something I needed.