Tuesday, May 29, 2012

SharePoint Sucks

Kingdom Management never ends.

My new job pays well, but it's very time consuming, and I'm doing things I've never done before with a very tight deadline. It's hectic, and the learning curve is steep. I'm building a document monitoring system out of SharePoint, and not even the latest version. It's like trying to make a space shuttle out of legos. The end result might look like a space shuttle, from a distance, but get too close or try to actually get to space, and... you're gonna have a bad time.

So, I've conjured Cassiel of Saturn for occult wisdom (figuring out SharePoint reminds me a lot of trying to figure out Enochian Magic). I also worked with him on time management, making my work hours more productive so I can meet the impossible deadlines. I've also Worked with Raphael of Mercury to help me figure out the design solution and where to find a big enough hammer to pound this mofo into shape. I've done other rites with the other planets to keep things under control and my efforts successful as well.

Having the seven planetary talismans made and on hand all the time is super convenient. It gives me a way to at least influence every aspect of my manifest reality, and in many cases to be able to control it entirely. I've been particularly impressed with the abilities of some Saturn Spirits under Cassiel to provide access to the key pieces of information I need in a timely manner (JIT - Just in Time). There's been a lot of synchronicity and deja vu involved today. Definitely something I needed.


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  2. It sounds like you use the talismans of the planets actively instead of passively as part of the altar; how do you use them? Like, do you invoke the angel or forces of the planet using the talisman as a focus, or something else?

  3. @Poly: I put them on The Box (I'm using The Box Mark II, but that link shows the basic principles) and conjure the angel, and then I talk to them about what I want to have happen, and how to best accomplish my aims, and then when they've told me the best way to direct their efforts, I speak the statement of intent we've come up with. Sort of like having a meeting with the stakeholders and development team, hashing out requirements, assigning deliverables and tasks, and then reviewing the action items.

  4. Have to agree with Polyphanes. Sounds brilliant and useful, but how do you go about using the talisman when you're at work, for example?

  5. Or in more traditional Ceremonial Magic terms:

    * Conjuration
    * Divination/Communication
    * Statement of Intent
    * License to Depart

  6. Saturn is a good "go to" for things like this, at least in my own experience. I appealed to Kronos, beseeching him for aid in developing time management and prioritization of mundane business affairs, and once you get past all the "pissed off, usurped by my own children and just waiting for my chance to dethrone and eat them all" exterior he provided a good solution. Wasn't so much about learning how do manage a multitude of tasks on a short deadline as it was learning to stop spending so much time trying to figure out which task to do first and just doing one. "When there are too many targets in the air, too many things in motion, dont ask which to shoot first, just pick one, shoot, and move on to the next"

  7. I spoke even before you put up your comment. I've got to say, that's a way of working with the angels that I hadn't thought to examine, but I like it.

    So in essence, if I understand you correctly, you're telling the angels, "I need to do this, and how can you plug into this effort?" They then describe their possible course of actions, and you then direct a specific statement of intent to them.

    I had a conjuration like that with Raphael (Air) not too long ago. I said what I wanted to happen, and he gave me four possible frames of action, and helped me work out a statement of intent that allowed for those four, while allowing him some freedom of action about which to put into practice first. There was some parallel work for me to do in the real world, too, which I did. Apparently good results so far.

    My last recatchpa was the date range, 1653-1655) and the word invoke. hmm.

  8. I work from home now. I can plop the talismans on The Box whenever I need to.

    But that's a recent development. When I had an office job, I used the Astral Magic method. It was something I could do in my car.

    A couple of times, I took a field-kit with me, the seven talismans, a shew stone crystal point I like that's smallish, and a Table of Practice. I went to a local State Park that wasn't far from my office and found a secluded spot and performed the rite with those.

    Other options are drawing the angels' seals on sticky notes in the right planetary hour, and writing the statement of intent on the back.

    The talismans are handy, and they add a certain oomph to the rite, but it's far, far better to do the rite astrally than to do no rite at all.

    This is why it's important to memorize the spirits' seals. Simply visualizing the seal in the right hour and speaking your intent can work wonders.

  9. @MC, that's a biggie from Kronos and personal development, but the time management I've been doing has been more aimed at "give me more time in the next 4 hours than 240 minutes." Slowing down the passage of time relative to my ability to finish the tasks at hand. Maybe it makes me work faster, maybe it slows down time, I don't know. Sort of like going to Chronos for the effects of Fotamecus. Fotamecus might THINK Chronos' time has come, but it totally hasn't.

  10. My mundane advice is to move from Sharepoint and start using Jira. I've tried to incorporate it for projects and ended up moving for jira asap. For example please try to create a decent looking table in SP :)

  11. SharePoint? Dude. Next they'll be having you update their obsolete filing cabinets by replacing them with cardboard boxes and sticky notes.

    As far as talismans go, I've been kicking around the idea of eventually (*sigh*, eventually) having a matching set of Warnock-esque pendants or rings made; small enough to keep on an alter, but easy enough to pick up and wear when you need to get your conjurin' on.


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