Monday, January 07, 2013


Hey-O! It's Pimp my Friends Monday! This won't be a regular thing, it just happens to be Monday, and I happen to have friends, and they're doing cool shit, and you should be aware and take advantage!

First, Michael Cecchetelli's Abrasax book! That thing is awesome. I took it with me to Florida and read through it with my love, and man, it's amazing. I do NOT recommend reading it aloud to one another, the Voces Magicae become tongue twisters quickly! Also, the air tends to get a little thick, which I don't think is a bad thing at all, but some people might not be up for that kind of vibe.

It is a fine balance of being well-researched and extremely practical. Like all his works, Michael continues to provide the pleasant mix of elaborate techniques and processes that appeal to the more cerebral types AND the down and dirty quick-action rites that appeal to folks who are looking for quick means to quick results. I prefer my rites short on words and formula and heavy on spirit-conjure and experience, and I found plenty of rites that I could perform on the go with little preparation. At the same time, I'm looking forward to more experiments performing the longer rites with friends.

He includes an interesting mudra, the Coronastrum. I have enjoyed experimenting with it since learning about it, and I'm looking forward to more use. It projects the currents I'm learning to control from the Eight Sphere Work I'm doing really nicely.

One thing he doesn't mention in the text about it near the graphic that would have been useful for me to know is that the picture he shows is how it looks when facing OUT. That is, if you're looking down at your hands trying to make them look like the Coronastrum, you're uh, you're going to have a bad time. You may not have that problem, I might be an idiot, I don't know. But yeah... palms OUT.

One more comment on the quality of this book: Both versions are very nice, extremely fucking nice, in fact, a biliophile's wet dream come true. I love Nephilim Press, the quality of their work is great.

But honestly, there's a quality of this book they can't tell you about. I'll let you in on a little secret, Michael is a fellow member of an exclusive cult of Jupiter that I've mentioned a time or two. As a result, his prosperity rites have a tendency to have a certain added extra ... "oomph," shall we say? I recommend buying the more expensive version of the book if they have any left because it won't matter a bit. Perform one of the prosperity rites, and odds are pretty fucking incredibly high that you will more than make back what you spend on this book. Unless you personally fuck up the manifestation process. And even that would be difficult.

So yes, I heartily recommend this book.


  1. Great book, couldn't recommend it enough myself.

  2. Once you get used to reciting the VM, it's been my experience that others hearing it also have their minds blown. I've done the Stele of Jeu a few times with others and watched it affect them even if they weren't doing the ritual.


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