Monday, January 07, 2013

Magick: Theory and Practice in the UK

Hey-O! It's Pimp my Friends Monday! This won't be a regular thing, it just happens to be Monday, and I happen to have friends, and they're doing cool shit, and you should be aware and take advantage!

Next on Pimp My Friends Monday, we head to Glastonbury in the UK to see Sef putting together something seemingly rare in the modern occult community: a group of Thelemites actually practicing magick

I shouldn't joke, I know, but for many years the main complaint I've heard from my Thelemite friends in the OTO is that for all the talk and discussion and engineering and conversation that goes into the Theory of magick among Thelemites, no one ever does any magic! People can talk for hours about Crowley's arrangement of the paths on the Kircher Tree, and lots of people have lots of opinions about the operations Crowley performed, but when you start asking them what kind of magickal operations they're currently working on, you get responses ranging from uncomfortable silence to cold hard stares and the psychic knowledge that their magickal operations will shortly be the preparation of your Greater Feast, thanks for asking.

Sef isn't a sit on your hands and bitch about people kind of magician. He's more into fixing things. To that end, he's been training magicians and witches in the UK to actually perform magic. (With and without a k.) He's already held successful angel magic workshops, and is now putting together something designed specifically for Thelemites who want to learn to actually DO MAGICK instead of sitting around talking about it all the time. He won't be tossing a bunch of noobs into heavy conjurations without the prerequisite establishment of a firm foundation in Theory, of course, but he will be sneakily getting more people focused on the PRACTICE part of Magick in ways that will knock your proverbial socks off.

So once again, I highly recommend this course. I've known Sef for entirely too fucking long, and I guarantee there will be benefits and boons from taking lessons from him personally that you simply will not receive from anyone else. Ever.

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