Wednesday, January 23, 2013

On Arguing On the Deity of Man

I started research last night so I can present an actual coherent conversation about the deity of man. Jason's comments on the guru trip post, and private discussion, and Facebook, and beamed into my head through the aethyrs have demonstrated that I have failed to make a clear and concise (or coherent) argument that clearly defines terms, postulates, theorem, or even a useful thesis statement. I've also been challenged to a formal debate on the subject in the Forum by a classically trained rhetoricist, my long time brother in the Work, Logan.

So I started researching. I went back to my familiar resources, the divine pymander of the corpus hermeticum, and also the bible. Both have clear references to the divinity of man. Pymander explains we are gods who are in mortal flesh, of two natures, united for love.

I liked that opening. It is my functional core model when it comes to magic, the Pymander. The dual nature of man is clearly stated. Later it talks about the path of ascension to become a power, what it looks like, and how it is performed. Demonstrating that process as the great work is pretty simple.

Then I looked up what it says in the bible about the deity of man. John chapter 10, if you want to play along at home. I'm blogging on my phone from my bathtub this morning. I might paste quotes and links later, might not.

Jesus is telling people that he is in the father and the father is in him. A basic occult statement, something we all get, kether is in malkuth and malkuth is in kether. As above, so below.

The crowd was not just in disagreement, they were upset. Offended even. Pissed. They started stoning him. He says, wait what? You ate the food, you liked being healed, why are you now pissed?

Because you are a blasphemer! they said.

Wait wait wait, said Jesus. Look to the Scriptures! Doesn't it say 'haven't I told you, ye are gods?' That's scripture, the same scripture you are claiming makes me a blasphemer. (He's quoting psalms at them.) If the scriptures said men were gods when they received the word of god, how much more so would that make me a god when you experienced the miracles you have seen? If you don't believe my words, judge me by my acts!

And the crowd grew peaceful, thinking on his wisdom, and returned to learning from him.

Lol! Not really. They kept trying to kill him so he was all, fuck this, and went home.

This isn't an easy topic to discuss. There are thoughts and ideas about it that are intractable. I don't think I can change anyone's mind, nor prove anything conclusively to a skeptic. I can demonstrate results and experience to those who will receive it, but I don't expect to prove anything through the evidence of the senses either, or even by the success of others performing the same rites I performed. Some thoughts are too much.

I haven't decided whether to take a lesson from Jesus or not. Probably won't. I'm the little brother who has to prove he can do it too.

But I went back and looked up Alan Chapman. Jason keeps mentioning him as someone who claims enlightenment and then makes an ass out of himself.

Funny thing is, reading his writings about attaining enlightenment, I totally know exactly what he's going through. He used the wrong words to express his results, imo. He's pathetic because he gets butthurt when the world doesn't want to hear it.

It's easier to learn from Chapman's mistakes than Jesus, for sure. Arguing about where I'm at in terms of state and stage has proven ineffective and counter productive.

And really that isn't even the point. It's not about me. It's about you. And joy. And happiness.

So I will rise to the occasion in the Forum, in hopes that the rhetoric will result in a cohesive argument. It might even be fun.

But going forward here, I'm going to try to just focus on letting results be proof. No promises that I will succeed, but I shall try.