Sunday, February 01, 2009

Blessed are the Peacemakers

For they shall be called the Children of God.

Fr. BH and Jason expressed disapproval of people trying to make peace. I agree in part with what Jason and BH said, people don't have to get along to like each other. I haven't talked to Jason personally (besides leaving comments here and there) since calling bullshit on his obviously WRONG opinion of things, but, he's right, we're both enjoying it and not antagonistic about it. I've been finding so much in common with him lately that it's damned refreshing to have something to differentiate ourselves on for a change.

And neither of us have to be right about this to perform magic.

Anyway, at the same time, I understand why people are trying to make peace between us. They're used to seeing people argue on the internet and have it blow up into something hugely unhappy, ruining friendships, destroying the safety net they've managed to find among the fucking belligerent online occulture. They like the camaraderie we've got, and they don't want it to get fucked.

And they have something intrinsic in THEIR belief systems that makes them want to point out the harmony between apparent opposites. I do that a lot in my own Work, and I'm sure Jason does too, and Bone Head. Bone Head not as much, cause he's a Leo, but god bless him anyway. Everyone can't be an enlightened Bull.

But I disagree with any condemnation of those who are compelled to make peace between people. For one thing, they can't help but try. It's their calling. For another, there's absolutely NOTHING wrong with trying to bring peace and harmony. It's very much what magic is about. They are being magicians, harmonizing elements and bringing together arcane bits for their talismans in their efforts to bring a bit more of the Heavens down to the Earth.

So to those who tried to bring peace and harmony, understanding between apparently opposing viewpoints, thanks, appreciate it, way to go. You're real Children of God. It shows in your actions, you demonstrate the caliber of your soul. Don't let the crusty free-will-believing unenlightened folks bring you down. You're the Heroes of the Pagan classical myths, the Nephilim of the Old Testament, and my personal fave, you're Jesus. Keep up the Great Work.