Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Timely Reminder

I've noticed lately that there is a rather disturbing trend going on in the world, a trend that I would like to put the brakes to, post haste.

Keith Boyle recently manifested a point of this hideous iceberg that is set to sink our collective battleships. Some members of an esoteric study group expressed concern about having me host a lecture because they worry about materialism being evil, and my stance on materializing the Work didn't jibe well with their interpretations. And Sun Trust Bank is showing commercials like this:

So there it is. Do you get it? Materialism is now bad. Greedy people are to blame for the recession and depression.

It's time for a little reminder. It's time, my friends, that we get our noses rubbed in something we've forgotten. It's time, goddamnit, that we all take a look around at the shit we're in and remember, yes, remember the truth we've forgotten. The truth that sets us free from this bullshit lie we're being sold, the truth that gets us what we want in life, the truth that isn't as easy to eat as the semi-digested pablum corporations are polishing and spoon feeding us to make us feel comfortable about how it ain't our fault that we're in this shit.

The truth is simple. The truth is eloquent. The truth is this:

Yeah, that's right. Greed is GOOD.

Meditate on the light all you want, pursue oneness with God, spitting in his eye for manifesting as the many manifestations we see every day the whole way up on your way towards that empty goal of escapism. It won't bring you any release from this world. You're still going to be ruled by your desire for escape. You'll never get it. The spirit didn't want to be One with you, any less than it could be. It didn't want to be One, it wanted to be many, and that's why we are what we are. And why did it want this? It was Greedy.

Greedy for love, greedy for experience, greedy for pain and bliss and agony and joy. It was greedy for ignorance, it was greedy for the AHA! of learning, it was greedy for beauty, raw pure aesthetics in all their manifestations. It wanted, it desired, it craved, and it made us what we are.

If your "Great Work" is a means to escape the pain of life, you're fucked up. If your Great Work is a pretty veil over the ugly truth that you don't want to deal with real life anymore, you're fucked up. If your "Great Work" is a self-righteous judgment of God's creation, decrying it as evil and worthy of hate and your despite, then you're seriously, majorly fucked up.

Keep up with the Joneses. Use magic to get what you want. Build a comfortable nice life. You can be spiritually enlightened in opulence as easily as a mud cave in Tibet. (Yeah, I don't know shit about Tibet, but I said it.) It takes discipline, yeah, it takes focus, true, but why the fuck can't you do that and have a home gym to work out on too?

The economy's in the shitter. People are going to be facing the hard truth that there aren't as many jobs available as there were. I've got two jobs, one that pays me without assigning much work, and I just got a promotion at the other. There's no excuse for you to be living in fear or in hardship if you're a magician. If you've convinced yourself that the material world is evil and magic is some holy Work that somehow removes you from the daily responsibilities and should never be used for anything that might resemble greed, you're doin' it all wrong.

And if you throw your money in a savings account, if you don't take loans because you don't know where your next check is coming from, if you don't use that credit card, you're personally ensuring the recession-depression will last as long as possible. You're also demonstratig your lack of ability as a magician.

Get a job using your magic. Do magic to prosper. Fix your local economy. This should probably be an Invisible College post. It will likely at least inspire one.