Friday, February 13, 2009

Still yet more East Vs. West Crap

Some days I struggle with the supremacy of magical systems. Other days, I struggle with reheating the chicken legs or the spaghetti for my late-night snack.

Tonight it was spaghetti.

But I wanted to take a little more time to address the East West thing. My downfall in my attempt to prove the supremacy of the West was my ignorance. My biggest pet peeve with Western Magicians is ignorance. What ticked me off in the first place was the ignorant statement that the East blows away the West. What I loathe more than anything in the world is ignorance.

Especially my own though. I went into this knowing the West can get me anything I wanted. I went in knowing that the idea that the East was more advanced was bullshit. But I let the comment piss me off. I took it personally, because I didn't like the idea that someone could so nonchalantly dismiss what I do, denigrate it so willfully and ... ignorantly.

But whatever. I shouldn't have taken it personally. Systems are what they are. Westerners are taught from birth that there are no monsters, fairies, gnomes, witches, or magical fat elves that deliver presents once a year to commemorate the gifts of the Magi. Who weren't really magical, just primitive scientists. We're trained in ignorance, trained to disregard the primitive and embrace the new-fangled, because it's easier, faster, and somehow better.

Most of the new really is better and faster. And niftier. I love the internet. I'm totally getting an iPhone.

Anyway, I'm getting tired, and I haven't even gotten to the point. We're ignorant, in the West, ignorant of our traditions, ignorant of what "Hermetic" means, ignorant of the ways our cultural predecessors practiced magic. There are no monasteries where the teachings of Hermes are practiced. There are few magicians willing to teach or record their experiences.There are even fewer qualified. The palpable ignorance of western magicians is so extreme that idiots like myself who have scratched the surface of the potential of our heritage seem advanced. News flash, folks, I got K&CHGA three or four years ago. A couple months later I knew more than most occultists, so I thought I had what it takes to teach, or at least inspire.

Hopefully I do, at least inspire.

But I spent a while looking at the Eastern traditions. To the folks that think it's better, I say this: you're ignorant. Better for you, maybe, I'll concede. But the systems of the East are simply being used. That's all. The representatives of the East that have "supernatural" abilities have all spent years focusing on specific teachings. None of them have it easier than us. Spend five years doing nothing but communing with the HGA or a Goetic spirit, for that matter, and see what you walk away with.You want to say the Eastern systems have more to teach in their writings? Meditate on the Corpus Hermeticum the way they meditate on their teachings. You think their gurus can pass on initiations in ways that we can't? Spend a week with me.

In a year or so, anyway.

The key is practice, that's all. Just practice. Conjure a spirit. Conjure it again. Listen and apply its teachings. Develop under its tutelege. Get the attunements they offer. Pass them on to people to advance their progress. All the Easterners with their systems have on us is that they know where to look to learn.

Here's where to look if you're interested in getting the full power of the Western traditions: - read everything there. Meditate on the things that resonate with you. Implement the processes.
The Sacred Texts - The same.

That's it. That's all there is to it. Do it to the exclusion of all else, devote a lifetime to it, and at the end of your life focus your power into picking up where you left off in your next incarnation. That's all they do that we don't. And hell, there are those of us doing that in their own way to varying degrees right now. Find them and talk to them. And don't be afraid of your ignorance, or let it beat you down like I did. It's a distraction, something to overcome.