Friday, April 03, 2009

Genius and Evil Daimon Name Generator

Quaro Lux has made a web-calculator available for FREE on his web site. You can now generate Genius and Evil Daimon names quickly and easily using this marvelous tool. In fact, if you buy one from me, the only added value that you'd get from me is that I use traditional astrological settings in my software. It's nothing that special. It's software-generated. I'm not doing any real work here but plugging your numbers into a graphical user interface.

I like the traditional astrology settings, but they aren't necessary. Even in Agrippa's time, there were enough variations on ways to cast a natal chart that you could get different values from different astrologers. Not that different, but different enough to end up with different Genius names using the code he provides that forms the heart of QL's code and my own spreadsheet. It's the intent of the magician that determines what spirit we get, as Agrippa says. There's "wiggle room."

So really, the stuff to do this for free is out there. Run a chart from a free natal horoscope site, like (HINT: Turn on "Part Of Fortune in the Additional Objects list, then click the Blue "Click here to generate chart" button; this will open a window with a link to "guest users" that you use to enter your birth time and location information into).

Get the degree and sign values for the SUN, MOON, ASCENDANT, and PART OF FORTUNE from the bottom of the chart. There's a table.

The only thing missing at large is something to generate the Prevential syzygy value readily and easily. Maybe Quaero Lux will work on a web calculator for that some time.

In the mean time, here's the instructions again on that:
  1. Look up the nearest Full or New Moon immediately prior to your birth using the Naval Observatory's Moon Phase database. It will give you the date and time of the nearest New or Full Moon.
  2. Adjust the time for your time zone (they give you Universal or "Greenwich Mean Time" values)
  3. Run ANOTHER chart for the same location as your birth, but put in the date and time of the nearest New or Full Moon prior to your birth.
  4. Write down the degree and sign value of the MOON in this chart. This is the "Prevential Syzygy" value.
QL was kind enough to ask me before providing a Hebrew feature to his web calculator, knowing I charge for this. I told him he's totally welcome to do so! I don't charge to make a profit, I charge to keep from getting inundated with requests to do the work for you. I encourage you to use the free version. It teaches you something, and the Work you do to generate your Genius's name is Work that will be rewarded in your relationship with the Spirit. I offered it as a service because it's important, in my opinion, to be able to get the Genius's name, and the technique is hard to explain. Easy to do once you've got the tools, but hard to explain. Now the tools are out there for you to do it yourself, and that's a good thing.

And if you want to check your work and pay me to generate a name for you, chances are it's going to be different than the name you get using your own methods, so it's kind of a waste of money. The settings in my software will be different than the free stuff. It doesn't mean one is more valid than the other; it only means that we are using different opinions on the stars. The work done to get the Genius name is what is rewarded, in my opinion.

And Quaero, last time I tried to post a comment, your comments feature wasn't working on your new server.


  1. WOW. I just used QL's calculator, and it verified according to the methods you posted earlier in your blog. For my part, I'm thrilled that I followed your instructions and got the name right! Woo hoo!

  2. Glad people are finding the calculator useful.

    RO: Commenting should be fixed now, and thanks for the plug.

  3. His calculator also verified what I got through using your information. I would also like to say that your books on the Genius and Daimon name and the Modern Angelic Grimoire are valuable and inexpensive tools even with a free online calculator.


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