Saturday, April 11, 2009

Urdu-English Translaitons

Ha! I found a place that translates English into Urdu! I totally rock.

Ok, I googled "English to Urdu" and found the site. AND I clicked it. Maybe that's not rocking. Maybe it's pebbling. but I PEBBLE! I PEBBLE OUT LOUD!

Anyway, newest project isn't magical, but I need your help. Target audience: Secular Indian and Pakistani youngsters ready to do their tours of duty in the States to bring money back for themselves, their future wives, and their parents. Holy cow, you don't know how many families there are over there sending their sons over here, or how many older brothers and sisters are already over here paying for the education of their own younger brothers and sisters so they can come over here and write Oracle and SQL and design DB Architecture in Erwin...

Now to painstakingly enter each word of my books into this box...

Anyway! Essays about your local business IT markets would be appreciated. The top five or ten will be included and published in a book that will help folks with their decisions on which parts of the US to move to. I'm looking for 500-1000 word, high level, HAPPY (write while smiling) analyses of the local cultures in the North West (Seattle), West (CA), South West (Phoenix, etc.), Texas (IS ITS OWN REGION OF THE US, DAMMIT), CO, Mid-West (Chicago, Detroit, Ohio), and up and down the east Coast (Boston, NY, Philly, DC, Atlanta, Jacksonville, Miami, etc.).

Talk about the job market, how the brown-skinned, fast-talking, heavily accented are treated in the workplaces you're familiar with. If you know rates of pay, write about that. Talk about the local Indi-Paki community, and success stories of your Indi-Paki friends. Talk about the American lifestyle and perspectives (honest, not media-hyped "outsourcing is the source of the recession") on the influx of the Near-East techies.

I know techies, but if you know the same info on the Medical profession, that would be good too.

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