Thursday, April 16, 2009


I had an attitude adjustment Monday night. Don't know what happened, exactly, but I can speculate.

I was falling asleep, and I remembered I was feeling glum about not doing enough magic lately. I got this overwhelming "It's time" feeling/thought that sort of pushed down on my body as I laid there. Looking back, I recognize it as the same feeling I get at Church during the worship service (pentecostal) or during the Transubstantiation (Catholic). It's this warm bath-of-Spirit.

At the time, my reaction was, "Sigh, oh what the hell." I remembered it was still technically Monday, and I believe it happened to be in the hour of the Moon. I decided to conjure Gabriel, and do a little Lunar Work. I went "up" through the elemental spheres into the Lunar realm, met Gabriel, showed him the Silver Key (his seal) and asked for admittance and further initiation into the Sphere of the Moon in the Name of Shaddai El Chai.

Some stuff happened. Fishy-depths visuals, your basic transformation revelations, lots of scenes from The Big Blue, coral, jellyfish, clownfish, and yeah, it was like a scene from Nemo, but darker. Not as sunny-bright.

Next day at work, I noticed how people had REALLY shitty attitudes, and how my own had sort of conformed to theirs. In contemplation, I analyzed where it came from in my thoughts and expectations, took a look at where my desires weren't meshing with the manifestation of God's Will, and took soime minor, mostly symbolic corrective action. The results were immediate. I found myself leading a meeting, which isn't the kind of thing you'd expect to be doing after a Water ritual. At least, not me.

But I was thrust into a leadership role the next day, and inuited my way through it, finding common ground, avoiding bitter cynicism, and generally not being a bitter bastard. People walked away from a rough meeting (rough because all the deliverables are late and getting later, and there's nothing we can do now about it) feeling like they were part of a team, knowing what they had to focus on that day and the rest of the week, and who to reach to get the info they needed. It was a pleasant change from the usual diaspora that follows our meetings.

Later on, I kicked some upper-crust executives out of their "Executive Steering Committee" meeting, which is generally a poor career move. The suits all tend to look the same after a while, and I mistook the air of executive authority the bald suit was exuding as your basic prickness, so I sort of pricknessed him back and got my snotty admin attitude a bit. I'm not perfect.

But in general, I've noticed a much more positive flow to my expectations since the recent Lunar Work. One of the things I remember was the feeling of some black evil shit dissolving from around me in the depths of the sea. slippery slimy tendrils releasing me, like escaping from a black shadow-squid. Or being let go, rather. It definitely wasn't an escape. More like, "ok, you can let go now," and it was all, "ok, talk to you later." There was a familiarity with it, like it was an old friend and partner in my life. As I think about it, yeah, I have some evil phases on occasion, I can be a bit of a bitter bastard once in a while. It makes sense that I'd have a familiarity, a working relationship with being a pessimist.


  1. Interesting. Sounds like you accomplished something important there in your work.

  2. I've read a couple of these posts now, and I've realised something.

    You're cool. :)

    You've taken self-improvement, and spiritual advancement, as concepts, and made them back into things which it feels like ordinary, angry, bitter, apathetic, narcissistic, tired humans can attain. That is a worthwhile achievement, and quite a rare one.

  3. OK for that one brother you can borrow my Pisces card any day :) Using intuition instead of the horns is a big step my Taurean brother :)


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