Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hey, it's a Recession, right?

So where, RO, are all the MONEY posts?

Well, now that I mention it...

Today's reminder is about the joys of the BUNE Spirit Pot. I made it a couple of years ago, and it's still my fovorite tool/mini-altar/spirit-human-interface I've ever played with. One brass pot, engraved with some names of spirits, and filled with herbs and doohickeys and gizmos and dates and raisins. It's the home to my favorite Riches-bringing spirit, Bune. I'm with Aaron Leitch (Author of Secrets of the Solomonic Grimoires) when he says the spirits that live in the pots are members of the legions assigned to the main Spirit.

So, when in need of cash, in need of seed money, in need of a decent windfall, I pop over to the shelf on the bookcase with all the Bune stuff (a pot, an incense burner, and a candle holder that holds 9 candles) and I light between 1 and 9 candles while I say the magic words: "Hey, how's it going, I need some more riches, thanks a lot." Within a couple of weeks, I can count on SOMETHING coming my way in the form of an opportunity for a raise or a windfall of unexpected cash. I haven't been listing things for him to finance lately, because frankly, he's done so well I haven't needed him to.


  1. "...the spirits that live in the pots are members of the legions assigned to the main Spirit."

    Thanks for that sentence...
    This makes sense! I make no bones about some of my personal cognitive dissonance with regards to spirits; however, this simple statement seems to fit completely within my own personal understanding (and my disbelief.)

    I always take something away from your posts. You have also given yet another reason to track down and read Aaron Leitch (other than the fact that we might be related... not many "Leitch"'s around...)

  2. Thanks for the condensed Bune related link in the post, I actually have a couple of Brass pots, so you know what I'll be doing at the weekend...

  3. Hi its great- still getting used to this thing so my name's still not appearing-. Im not a beginner nor am i an advanced magician , is it ok for me to work with Bune in this was even though i have never evoked him or worked with him in any way. Could i work with lets say Lakshmi in this way or any other spirit ,or its like a friendship you two have and you can access him without having to do any ritual per se.
    How often would you make offerings and the like , and would become a devotional of sorts .There could be some challenges to this i think if one decides to work with more than one spirit in this way , they have different needs, and one could get so caught up with whats being given that we forget the giver and the promises made to give. Wow sorry abour the long post, im just looking at some angles. Any ideas and suggestions. thanks

  4. Hazeab...

    The first time I worked with him, I planned on doing the whole initial conjuration. Turned out it wasn't entirely necessary, but I had already hit K&CHGA, so that might have had something to do with it.

    Check out the post "How to Conjure Spirits" for an overview on the Circle of the Goetia. It's good stuff. It covers what you need to do (in my opinion, anyway) before working with Goetic spirits. I'm turning it into a book, in fact. "A Modern Goetic Grimoire" to accompany the Modern Angelic Grimoire.

    If you're new to Goetia, I'd strongly recommend at least doing the full blown initial conjuration ceremony. The triangle of Art isn't as necessary, when you have a spirit pot. Especially if it's got the names engraved.

    I know next to nothing about Lakshmi, I'm no good on that one.

    I light candles and/or incense every time I work with Bune. It's not a devotional. Every time I work with the pot, it's a one-off thing, a specific audience with the spirit. It's less formal than a full-blown rite, and you do develop a relationship over time, like with any spirit you work with, so it's easier in some ways. But you never forget you're working with a spirit with a different frame of reference and access to greater amounts of power than you have, even if it is focused in particular ways. Working with the spirits, as opposed to thinking bout what working with them might be like, keeps you from falling into a lot of the traps we can get concerned about. They keep us real.

    I agree about challenges if you work with more than one spirit in this way. Mostly because you run out of physical space. I mean, can you imagine 72 freaking spirit pots to store? Hell with that.

  5. Lol you made me laugh on that last comment about the 72 pots. Thanks for the link ill study it and use it. I havent worked with Goetics before but im not going to let no expericnce stop me from gaining experience.
    Lakshmi is a Hindu Goddes of wealth . i just used her as an example.


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