Sunday, April 05, 2009

Know, Will, Dare, Keep Silent

Don't have a lot of time, running late for church.

Real quick, everything you know about the four powers of the sphinx is most likely bullshit. Here's the facts without the BS blinds (and it's dangerous, it's why it was hidden, but I gots all kinds o' love for you, and I know you're not STUPID like everyone else thinks; besides, you'd have to use the following to get into trouble, and I ain't got time to say how to use it today).

Know: Gnosis. Kind of a no-brainer for most of us.
Will: Again, no brainer, but it's not your want or your desire, it's the Will
Dare: Do dare didi datum. It's not "be daring."
Keep silent: Nothing to do with keeping magic hermetically sealed by not talking about it. BULLSHIT that. It's all about the 8th sphere leading to the Ninth. It's the Silence of the ascended spirits, where you get AFTER you've purified the Four Elements and the Seven Spheres that influence them. Keeping silent while giving up, donating, keeping silent with intent, Willed Silence (but not grasping or striving silence), Gnowing Silently.

It's all about shutting the fuck up.

I'll tell you all about it in too many words some time, because I'm not very good at shutting up.


  1. I'm looking forward to your explanation - I had noticed that Silence was listed as Binah-Saturn's Virtue.

  2. Now I think of it, would that make the Sun - Gnosis, Mars - Will, Jupiter - Giving, and Saturn - Silence?


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