Monday, June 29, 2009

Arrrrrgggghhhh! Abdul Alhazred, curse your final Work...

Hokey shit time.

Ok, so I get started on this one super cool writing project, and I am approximately 70% complete. So in the middle of some dryish research, Jason says, "I want to read a book on Astral Warfare..."

And I'm working on the Lunar Intelligence and Spirit, right? I'm like totally in the right place to begin an Astral Warrfare book. So Ok, I'm sitting here researching my Astral Warfare book using time-tested traditional resources (think: H.P. Lovecraft), and what do I find in The Whispers in Darkness? The Magical Nom de Plum of the fuse on this time bomb, Jason Miller. "I was into Enochian," he said, "when I was given the Name Inominandum..."

And so it is, of course, that I am off to the DuQuette Enochian Vision Magick book with my pendulum and SDA in hand, searching for the next step in this strange masquerade...
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