Saturday, June 27, 2009

A couple of Assholes, from France of all Places

So a friend of mine writes this book and publishes it on Lulu. It's new age, it's about astral warfare, and its not really my approach to spirituality in general. Regardless, it was her work, her effort, and her words. She published and marketed it completely by her self.

So these French guys translated it and are selling it in France now. When she found out, she promptly contacted them. Their response?

You react as a child, you treat me as thief it is incredible.
Our brother Tau Zorobabel did a BIG job by translating your book into French.
Did you think of all poor persons who does not speak Englishman ???
Your book put in Frenchman one a Honourable thing for you and for other persons who need to be helped.

If your book is in Frenchman, it is because DIVINE PROVIDENCE allowed it.

Fr :. Luxaour

Nice, eh? Apparently God's Divine Providence sanctions theft. Wonder how well that will stand up in court.

So if you're in France and you know these guys, punch them in the face on behalf of the author they have stolen from. Fraters Tau Zorobabel and :. Luxaor are thieves. Don't buy anything they sell, and if you move in their magical circles, let their actions be trumpeted from the roof tops.


  1. Well... a thief by any other name.

  2. France is a signatory to the Berne Convention, a treaty protecting international intellectual rights.

    In other words, they are potentially in legal trouble. If the author wishes to pursue it -- it is not always easy to do so.

  3. I want to read a book on astral warfare! You should have presented a link.

    Sadly she would probably loose more money persuing the matter than she would recover even if she won.

  4. Jason, keep your eyes peeled at :D

  5. wow! that takes nerve.. not unheard of in the occult world. just proves how damn good her book really is, that someone would want to steal it. Regardless, lulu takes care of these things to avoid litigation. she must contact lulu and they will put an end to it. or esle, she has a nice lawsuit on her hands. the ball is in her court, he does not stand a chance.. good luck with this..

  6. Nita also suggested to me that it might have spread to spanish speaking areas, not just french.

    Disrespect/self-respect is often not hindered by money. It's a principle thing.

    DP definately provides for theft. Theft in lower lifeforms are needed for survival and evolution. It continues to exist because of the need for the continued creation of lower lifeforms and their survival/evolution. But, like the opposable thumb and bipedalism, theft can be used for a wide range of things beyond the initial reason for its existence.

    I'm not familiar with them, but they might not even be a part of any order. They could even be armchairs. I'm not a part of any group, but I can claim the title frater or even soror and try to suggest gordon can have feminine meanings and claim it's unisex or it's one of those things where I'm a girl, but I still get a boy's name. Maybe out of respect for a previous teacher, I took on the name...for some reason. Like maybe that worhipping your teacher angle some take for their studies.

    Since I am familiar with the way Nita does magick, I can guess much of what she might put into an astral fighting book. However, I'm sure it'd be worth even me shelling out the money, if for no other reason than to use it as a talisman/amulet, like a religion's bible/sacred text can. Even something like the tao te ching can be used that way.

  7. ENJOY E-Book FREE for the eternity in LUX !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!‏‏

    All my books on magic and Theurgy are FREE in e-book format.

    Enjoy in light of Divine Providence

    Frater :. Luxaour (Eques a lucidis Crucis)

  8. Hrrmm, i saw that frater on some groups im in. just goes to show that ppl couldnt give 2 F**ks that you do research and work then put it out there. That so-called divine providence wanted it so, then lets do this to all books out there . Damn thieves.


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