Saturday, June 27, 2009

A couple of Assholes, from France of all Places

So a friend of mine writes this book and publishes it on Lulu. It's new age, it's about astral warfare, and its not really my approach to spirituality in general. Regardless, it was her work, her effort, and her words. She published and marketed it completely by her self.

So these French guys translated it and are selling it in France now. When she found out, she promptly contacted them. Their response?

You react as a child, you treat me as thief it is incredible.
Our brother Tau Zorobabel did a BIG job by translating your book into French.
Did you think of all poor persons who does not speak Englishman ???
Your book put in Frenchman one a Honourable thing for you and for other persons who need to be helped.

If your book is in Frenchman, it is because DIVINE PROVIDENCE allowed it.

Fr :. Luxaour

Nice, eh? Apparently God's Divine Providence sanctions theft. Wonder how well that will stand up in court.

So if you're in France and you know these guys, punch them in the face on behalf of the author they have stolen from. Fraters Tau Zorobabel and :. Luxaor are thieves. Don't buy anything they sell, and if you move in their magical circles, let their actions be trumpeted from the roof tops.