Sunday, January 03, 2010

Happy New Year and Stuff

Happy New Year!

[Insert warm sentiment and well wishes here.]

Well, it's been a busy end-of-the-year, as you can imagine. I just got around to setting up the yahoo groups for the Hermetic Merkavah and Supernatural Assistant courses starting tomorrow. If you signed up, check your inbox. If you meant to sign up and haven't yet, email me at to save your spot in the course. I'll be shutting down enrollment next weekend.

I'm a little frazzled with the events of my life. It's not fun losing everything to fire and smoke, and even though I know deeply that things will be alright eventually, and I'll end up coming through this "smelling like a rose," there will be days of nausea and angst to come. I've been doing a lot of contemplation of my Source and I've managed to maintain a pretty level outlook on things in general.

You know what, I don't have a lot of time to post today, I've got a lot going on, but damn it, this is important. I tried writing a decent post about this a few times, and I can't find the right words to make it a masterpiece, so I'm just going to put it out there the way I see it, it's important, I think.

People have said I have a good outlook. One dude said I'm a "happy bastard" because I have a lot of spirits helping me. A few people have suspected I'm in shock, and they were probably right to a degree. But the truth is, I've seen fucking eternity stretching out for-fucking-ever, and while I deal with the bullshit and walk out my part in it to get to the best end-result possible, it's a given that this crap will pass. As a result, I have a positive outlook on things.

Eventually, no matter how much bullshit you've got to deal with, it ends. You either die and go back to eternity, or you live and things get better. There are days of feces, and there are days of bliss. You put up with the feces to get to the bliss. That's my core philosophy when it comes to dealing with crap. I'm a magician, and I'm not bragging or anything, but come on, this isn't that bad, really. It's a huge opportunity to start over, re-evaluate priorities, and set things right that weren't before. I can design my entire lifestyle based on what I know works and what doesn't now. I have a clean slate at my house, no bills, no mess, no piles of crap to take out of the furnace room before it catches on fire. It's already too late, you know? I've written it off, and moved on to where I'm at.

One of the main reasons people get into magic is to make their lives better. It provides a means to deal with the crap that comes with life, a means to change the world and ourselves. I gives me a perspective on my life that brings peace. It gives me tools to engineer things better, and to react to things better. It doesn't make life perfect, but it makes things better.

This is how I think magicians respond to things in their lives. Ideally, I'd have avoided the situation magically, but I can't think of everything, and I have sorely neglected divination for years. There's no means in my daily life for spirits to provide warning, and even if they did, I would have ignored it and gone on to getting more money a few weeks ago. Priorities were a little skewed, and I had no frame of reference to even notice it.

Things have changed. That's what happens. Life goes on, and we get on with it as long as we can. I still can, so I do.

Anyway, happy new year, may your life be blessed with Peace and Prosperity. But especially Peace.