Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sorry about this...

I just watched Obama's speech and listened to the Republican Governor of VA give the counter speech. Then MSNBC commentators en masse agreed there was nothing to report on after the Republican's response. I know they're liberally biased, but MSNBC has cooler graphics than any other news program but Fox, and Fox makes me physically nauseas.

I've got to wonder wtf they were listening to while the Republican spoke. I heard things that scared the shit out of me. I work with a federal agency, a really big one that gets its own line item on your paycheck's withholding section. I can read between the lines. This is what Republicans said, behind the vaporous rhetoric:
  • We're going to push for more charter schools and vouchers that parents can use to send their kids to private Christian schools on the taxpayer's dime instead of putting that money into public education to make our kids competitive in the global market. That makes us popular with the base.
  • Buried in that process will be some ugly little things that are simply wrong to even contemplate, some things that should be listed on a spreadsheet of concerns under the "Appalling Indicators" column heading. We're going to get rid of that whole civil rights movement thing, and put the poor and minorities back where they belong. We'll start by getting rid of busing.
  • We're also going to keep fucking the poor up the ass with a night stick while giving the wealthiest more avenues to hide their profit, keep them from paying for the poor to have a chance to get to their level of achievement, and do everything in our power to keep the corporations richer than Croesus. Oh, by the way, these corporations and banks now have no limits on what they can spend to get us into office, so you'd better go invest in Federal Incense to burn to your Oligarch's figurehead, because Caesar's coming back.
Nothing to report on? Nothing? The fuck there was nothing to report on. Whose side are they on? Are liberal media heads that stupid?

Jesus Christ. They're planning a fucking race war. Helter Skelter, man.*

Watch them bastards, it's an election year and their corporate masters can pump billions into the campaigns now. Populist votes are up in the wind, and idiots who think it's cool to follow the political winds will jump on the Republican bandwagon faster than cockroaches breed. Maybe Obama's plan to mitigate the impact by having to publicly list your lobbyists will help, but I don't think it's a strong enough control valve on that particular faucet.

Anyway, not a magical post, though I'll likely do something magical about this as soon as possible. One point this fire drove home more than anything else is that magic is not only very real, it works powerfully and effectively, in ways that will change your physical reality to the core. Fuck, man, look around you and be careful, protect what you love. That includes the political landscape that we're leaving our kids. I don't want my son caught up in a fascist regime that history records as the next Dark Age.

*Extreme? A little reactionary and a touch paranoid or maybe a bit... overzealous? Yeah, maybe that's part of it, but it's on purpose. Unchecked, these nuts will ruin everything.