Friday, January 29, 2010

On Liberals and Conservatives

In yesterday's post I mentioned doing magic about the political landscape. One comentor mentioned the following, and it got me thinking. What started out as a response in a comment sort of turned into something that warrants a whole post, I think. There are things I wanted to clear up about magic in general, and how I think it should be used in changing the world. Alan posted this to the comments:

How about we do some magic to remove a conservative judge and replace him/her with a liberal one?

No, not magic to specifically address things like that. I mean, by all means, go ahead, but it's a can of worms I don't want to open. Do you really think the spirits are that nuanced in their interpretation of this physical realm, able to mean what you mean when you say "liberal" and "conservative"? I asked for my family to be unharmed, and protected, and they still used a fire to bring me specific amounts of cash.

And what kind of liberal are you going to put in? You think the other extreme is any better? Politics is a circle, and if you go far enough left or right, you end up in the same place: extreme radicalism. Anarchy sits on the other side of governance, and even though it's popular, especially in occult circles, anarchy is a terrible thing practically speaking.

The other thing to keep in mind is that the liberal judge would still be human. All humans are assholes some of the time, angels some of the time, but mostly somewhere in between. With more tendencies to seem like an asshole than an angel, really. Add the power of any political position, especially one held for life, and what do you think is going to come out of it? I don't trust them at all.

Personally, I aim for the center, try to find someone who keeps the sine wave troughs low and frequency down in their vacillations between angel and asshole. Like McCain before he towed the party line after winning the primary and becoming the Republican Presidential Candidate.

I'm thinking more along the lines of a spirit of the Sphere of the Sun, or Tiphareth in qabbalistic terms, someone to influence the government at an epochal level, changing the mentality of the elected leaders as a whole, snapping them all out of their bullshit and getting them to govern, to do their fucking jobs on behalf of their constituents without fucking over their constituents' children and grandchildren.

I'm talking about a fundamental change in the political oscillation and harmonics of rule in the United States. The end result will be the moderation of the Supreme Court, a shift toward the center by the extremists in both parties, and an unbiased media to report the facts without opinion as a whole.

We'll have to get rid of reality television too, I'm afraid. It's part of the problem. Gross and wanton consumerism feeding the parts of the brain that thrive on drama. There's nothing "real" or redeeming in reality television. It's just bad actors pretending to be interesting. It's modern day soap operas. It ROTS YOUR BRAIN.

Dog the Bounty Hunter!? Howe and Howe? Pawn Stars? I mean, really, the shit they put on the history, discovery, and science channels are even poisoned with this low-brow bullshit. There is no refuge for the Ruach-focused human incarnation to turn to that isn't laced with titillating tidbits for the nephesh to feast upon.


Anyway, society doesn't need more "LIBERALS" any more than it needed "NEO-CONSERVATIVES."

It needs More Light.



  1. And don't forget the advertising industry! Huge resources devoted to manufacturing false needs, and then filling those needs with crap. I think that advertising is the largest category of 'black magick' - soul-eating, manipulative, deliberately-obscuring-of-truth sort of magic - that most folks have to deal with any given week.

  2. I tend to disagree with your first remark. I thinking targeting specific individuals such as judges or politicians is a very sound strategy and totally doable as a co-ordinated effort. The other side is doing just that with their mass imprecatory prayer-spells. I also think one can attract more suitable individuals or do magic to get very specific individuals favoured and influence the situation for the better, on our terms.

    Similarly, one can work magic to influence the behaviour of existing political figures/judges - how they vote, what they say, how they appear to others - both for good and bad. It needs to be highly tactical, in my opinion.

  3. I'm kind of more in favor of a representative republic than a oligarchy of magicians. The constitution says that judges to the Supreme Court are appointed by the president with the approval of congress. I'm happy with that, and don't wish to interfere with that process.

    I can imagine, however, doing magic to make sure that process goes well -- isn't corrupt, doesn't lead to tyranny in the long run, and so on.

    Also, I'll point out: there are conservative magicians. It's not a matter of "this side" and "the other side." That kind of thinking is a bit, forgive me, sophomoric. Conservatives aren't evil; they're not even necessarily wrong. The biggest problem with America right now is that political parties are essentially brands; people have allegiance to them as if they're sports teams. That's not rational, and it's not a good foundation for a republic.

  4. @ Patrick
    "I'm kind of more in favor of a representative republic than a oligarchy of magicians." LOL

    "The constitution says that judges to the Supreme Court are appointed by the president with the approval of congress. I'm happy with that, and don't wish to interfere with that process."

    I don't wish to interfere with that either...BUT Look at what they did.The Supreme Court made a decision based solely on keeping the status quo in power irregardless if their Republicans or Democrats.Good luck getting a third part off the ground to counter the bull shit in Washinton.A taxpayer like my self can contribute only 150.00 per candidate.Corporations can contribute millions.Their is something seriously wrong with that and it has nothing to do with free speech other then my free speech doesn't count any more.
    Those with the MONEY have the POWER and the PRIVILEGE.

  5. We'll have to get rid of reality television too, I'm afraid.

    I finally gave up and just stopped watching television. It was the ads; even when I mute them I can feel a slimy tendril snaking around, and after half an hour I'm in a bad mood.

    Reality television is so bad that I can't help but think the movie Idiocracy was not a prediction, it was a portrait.

  6. Why not focus on things like transparency, empathy, compassion...? Push for politicians' dirty secrets being exposed. Encouraging genuine compassion in politicians so they might actually think to work FOR the people like they are supposed to do. Hell... do the same for media outlets, also pushing towards objective reporting instead of agenda-driven propaganda. I'm sure people could think plenty of intelligent ways to expand on similar ideas that I myself am overlooking. Your post definitely has me thinking, though.

    I've actually wondered if some people have been doing this with all the crap that seems to be rising to the surface lately.


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