Monday, August 23, 2010

Back from Vacation

Well, the last week has been pretty busy. The week before my vacation arrived, my work life exploded. More work to do than God intended. Bleah.

The week of my vacation was busier than hell. We had a "fun" vacation, as opposed to a "relaxing" vacation. We went to the beach, and mornings were spent on the sand, evenings in amusement parks, with some reversals as weather and time permitted. We had a blast, and we needed that as a family. First vacation, real vacation that is, in 10 years! Way too long to wait, in my humble opinion.

But I'm exhausted now. I need a vacation from the vacation, and work has not let up at all while I was gone. One of these days I'll get rid of my real job and be able to spend time just doing what I love. Until then, I gotta pay the bills.

I caught up on all the orders that have posted while I was gone (sorry for the delays) and I've got a couple more things to finish up on the Green Work Lesson 2 (sorry for the delays) and I haven't even started the next Black Lesson (sorry for the delays). But I'm ready! Things should be rolling out shortly.

I've also got to catch up on all the blog posts for the last week.

And at some point, I'd kinda like to do some magic, too. It's been too long. Maybe this evening. I had meant to wake at dawn every day of the vacation and make a talisman, but that didn't work out at all. "Unrealistic Expectations" is what that's called, I believe.