Monday, August 02, 2010

Just a thought...

In a purely hypothetical context, not saying I have any available, or would consider it myself, but just suppose someone had stumbled on the secret of developing homunculi consistently and and had adapted a procedure to keep them in a stable, dormant state prior to their "birth," at a relatively low cost.

Would it be ethical to sell them on eBay for $4.95 plus shipping and handling? The dormant state would keep them safe during transportation. I figure everyone would want one, but then everyone would have one, and they wouldn't sell anymore. It would likely be a fad, like sillybands, and when the homunculi "died" and reverted to their prima materia, no one would want any more. Kind of a built in lifecycle. Like Sea Monkeys.

Chances are the lucky mage would get about 6 weeks of popularity out of it, and another 6 weeks for news of their stench to get around. Could probably sell a few million in that time, right?