Monday, August 09, 2010

a tool so ugly

"It is quite possible to produce something slower, lamer, and weaker than what came before. It is possible to create a tool so ugly that it inspires nothing but shame."
-Jason Miller, Strategic Sorcery

In honor of this statement, I proudly present the RO Gallery of Ugly Tools!

Yeah, a sculpey Bune Seal... THAT was a great idea.

Gold Leafed Plaster Seals of the Goetic Kings... ANOTHER BRILLIANT IDEA!

Note the authentic Goetic monstrousness.
(These cleaned up pretty good though.)

Mercury... No really! Stop laughing!


And again. 

An Asrological Talisman of Something I Forgot.

Ok, now that you've had your laughs, I'd like to point out that yeah, they were ugly, and yeah, they are kinda shameful, but for reals? The spirits were freaking thrilled to have anyone paying even this much attention to doing the magic right.

Except for the Sculpey. That shit is right out.