Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Market Research: What's normally done...

I'm doing some market research on my eBook sales, please feel free to comment with whatever info you can provide.

That persistent reader who's been bugging me for weeks to put paypal buttons on my eBooks site says the way its set up now, the "modern angelic grimoire" would show up on his credit card statement. And that's a problem for him, he doesn't want Visa and Mastercard knowing what he buys with his money. He doesn't want someone seeing his credit card statements and finding out he's into Angelic Grimoires, I guess.

I'm assuming his spouse or parents wouldn't approve, or he's afraid some corporate human resources,  government background investigators, or whatever might not approve of his purchases.

He said "what's normally done for this type of transactions is that the name of the "shop" is mentioned rather than the details of the product sold." Now, I don't know of any bloggers who sell eBooks who even bother going through all this effort to put in a payment option that charges more than another payment option already there. And the names of the "shops" I see selling things online aren't exactly subtle. Lucky Mojo, SomaLuna, Queen of Pentacles, Strategic Sorcery, etc.

So after shooting off a "keep your fucking money, coward!" email, I went on with my life until now. I'm wondering whether I'm fucking up here. Is it a major concern that people might see something occult on your buying history? Is it "normal" procedure to mask the purchases?

And how do my sales show up on your statement? According to this site, a charge on your statement only says "PayPal." It doesn't say what you bought. It's true on my bank statement. Are things different for everyone else?

Comments appreciated. I don't want to get anyone in trouble for buying my stuff.