Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Apparently, My Readers are Responsible Members of Society

And have mostly already registered. Well done!

If you haven't registered, it only takes a minute.

Oh, and I was wrong yesterday, my readers are roughly spread out across the political spectrum pretty evenly. That's good to know. Apparently Magic is something we can all come together on, setting aside political differences and focusing on the Work. Good show!


  1. "Apparently Magic is something we can all come together on, setting aside political differences and focusing on the Work."

    I'm going to respectively disagree with you on this point. In my experience, those involved in the New Age, Pagan and Magickal communities are largely left of center. Those right of center either keep quiet or risk a less than welcoming response or outright hostility. This is especially true with the Wiccan communities.

    Now if one is a Discordian, this provides for a target rich environment.

  2. LOL!

    My comment yesterday about my readers being commie pinko liberals was based on similar experiences with the New Age, Pagan, and Magickal communities in general. The offline responses I've gotten have changed my mind about the political orientation of my specific readers though.

    Maybe it's because I generally write about traditional Christian magic from the grimoires.

    But you're correct, right of center folks do tend to keep quiet about it in magical forums for the reasons you mentioned. The fact that the offline comments were offline reveals a lot.

    The leftists are just louder.

    And yes, many targets indeed.

  3. It is a widely known secret that all serious (*plays brows*) ceremonial magicians are really Discordians at heart.

    brother george.

  4. Yeah, those of more right wing persuasions generally have to keep more discreet; not only in a leftist environment, but within their OWN communities. But they are there, believe you me. I deal with a much more conservative crowd just on the Mosaic Magic board, who happen to be largely from Nigeria of all places.


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