Sunday, September 19, 2010

Arrr! Avast ye scurvy knaves, it do be time to address ye piracy yet again!

Jack wrote something about piracy that ought to get a bit of press. While I don't like piracy, I do happen to agree with his more salient practical points, and to borrow a bit of his wisdom, I'd like to make a public address to ye olde internet pirates:

Dear pirates: 

Please stop giving out what you have to everyone. The boys making these books need to buy food. So at least wait for a year. During that year, be sure just to give copies to your friends… Who should at least review the book, or bring attention to it somehow. 


The Authors

PS: The curse on ye uploaders of my stuff to ye torrents or other file sharing tech are still very much in effect. Though some think a death curse is warranted, I do not. I just curse you with suffering more than usual until you pull my work from the torrent and pay me $50 in restitution.