Thursday, September 02, 2010

Hermetic Magicians: Warning!

We're in the thick of it! Mercury is fully retrograde. Chances are pretty good that if you're practicing some form of Hermetic-related magic, you are, right now, an asshole.

Uhm, more so than usual.

In fact I'm sure some people will realize that I'm being an asshole right now, just by mentioning it! It's true, right now I am an asshole. I realized this when I wrote:
Unhappiness vibes are spreading through the world and trying to steal the sunshine. It's worse than the Nothing, it's the Nothing is Good. Happiness is in peril!
I propose that everyone on the planet needs to go through a happiness intensive, two weeks where they unwind and are forced to be happy, whatever it takes. And then, after two weeks of being happy, if they're still bitter negative pessimistic bitches, they should be put out of their misery.
Happiness or death!
And I meant it, too.

So yeah, a happy asshole is a dangerous asshole, apparently.

Take precautions. Mitigate the situation, ask yourself, am I being a dick right now?

The answer is probably yes.

Next, don't be a dick.


Don't do it.

I know.

Trust me, I know. It's hard. Just don't be a dick. Take a walk. Breathe. Meditate. No snarking. Don't send the post. Take the high road. Wait it out. Don't offer any advice, it's asshole advice.