Thursday, September 23, 2010

Levitation Fail

So I was thinking about how enlightened I am today. Not totally, I have some issues, a ways to go for a while yet, but I've made some decent strides, accomplished a lot, and picked up a few tricks.

So I figured I'd try levitating. You know. Because I'd like to fly.

So I stood up from my chair at the desk here at work, flexed a muscle in my lower-right abdomen I didn't know I had, and kept right on going up. I was freakin' thrilled, loving it, I was totally flying, in the office, not even Jesus had done that, and I looked down and saw my body falling back into the chair, and as my butt hit the seat, my consciousness slammed back into the flesh. Seems I popped out through the crown chakra thing and left the meat suit behind.

Sigh. I'm kind of getting sick of the "needs spiritual sight to see how cool I am" aspect of this enlightenment thing. I get it, I understand it's like this for a reason, but why can't I be exempt from the rules?

Probably because I'd master invisibility and rob a bank, and then fly away with the loot.

Just guessing.

Not quite as enlightened as I'd like to think.