Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Three! Three Registered Voters, Ah Ah Ah!

Ok, so three of you fine readers have gone through my voter registration button. That's right, I'm keeping tabs on you. Three people so far care enough to vote this election. Now, judging by the comments, most of you readers are commie pinko liberals. I am a sane and rational capitalist conservative. And you read my blog anyway! Ha!

We conservatives outnumber you roughly three to one here in America. If you want to keep your alien president (whose aunt is an illegal immigrant who thinks America owes her citizenship) and the house and congress, you'd better get crackin' and register to vote. We're coming out of the woodwork, and frankly, my fellow conservatives make me a little nervous. Kinda skeered, if you catch my drift. 

So if you want to keep this country heading in a Socialist direction, you'd better be registered and prepared to vote. Otherwise my nutter friends will take back congress and the house. And then we'll win the White House, and it will be George Bush all over again. And not the wimpy-didn't-start-a-war-with-all-of-Islam Bush, I'm talking about the Haliburton-funded-cocaine-off-a-hooker's-ass Bush. 

So get registered.