Thursday, September 23, 2010

Gunpowder Magic

Heh, I love Gnostic Conjure. Today he's got a post on Frenemies. And it uses GUNPOWDER!

I love using gunpowder in my magical rites. I miss Goetia because I had a lot of opportunities to use it with those spirits in particular. Bune loved it in his spirit pot, and there's something about the smell of just-burned gunpowder that reminds you of hell.

Do I need to point out that it's dangerous, extreme caution must be used, a (very very) little goes a really long way, and don't be stupid? Probably. So pretend I did.

I like the way he suggests you use it, with the candle igniting the little charge. I'm absolutely positive someone somewhere is going to use too much, ignoring his emphasis on a tiny little pinch, and it's going to blow the candle, shards of shattered jar, and molasses all over the room.

And I feel really bad for that person, for sure.

So where do you get gunpowder, you ask? WalMart, of course! In the sporting goods section, because how can it be a sport without gunpowder? At least, that's where I got mine last time I bought it. And it's not really gunpowder, it's flash powder for black powder guns. But it works. In college, an acquaintance invited me out to a quarry to blow up some pipe bombs he'd made from the stuff, and a good time was had by all.

My local occult and Wiccan supply shop would never sell gunpowder. They do, however, sell both sulfur and salt peter in small amounts, which combined in proper proportions with powdered charcoal (plain old Kingsford, not match light, not self-igniting-incense coals) makes gunpowder. I'm not giving out the exact proportions, but it wouldn't take long to find it on the internet.

As an ingredient, it's best used when you want some explosive results. If you're going to put it into a spirit pot, use a very, very small amount, and make sure it's mixed in well with the soil so it doesn't explode when your house catches on fire.

Kammael's influence should be included with this ingredient because he's the Archangel of Mars, and it's important to have some intelligence involved when you're doing magic with gunpowder. I mean, obviously the intelligence isn't coming from the magician, eh? You're playing with explosives for Christ's sake! Not frickin' smart!

But fun.

Trace the seal of Kammael over the powder when you've made it. Only make what you need for the rite. Do not store the left overs. Do not dispose of the leftovers by tossing it on the charcoal briquette just to hear it sizzle and pop. Do not pack it in PVC pipes and toss them on the Samhain bonfire when no one's looking, and then start screaming, "It's SATAN, I knew it!!!" when it blows up.

If there are any leftovers, mix it up (gently) with dirt or its equal weight in more carbon, and then sprinkle it finely in your garden, plants, or in the grass. Plants like potassium nitrates and sulfur and carbon.