Monday, August 03, 2015

7 Spheres Conjuration Kit

So, at least one person keeps asking me how much I'd charge to put together a complete set of tools for the Seven Spheres book, so I figured I'd throw together a whole kit.

It will be $175 for the tools alone, or $225 for the book plus the complete kit.

The complete kit will include:
  • 1 Ebony Wand, 3/4" X 12" to Trithemian specs
  • 1 Table of Practice, with the Kings of the quarters (Paimon, Amaymon, Egyn, Oriens)
  • 1 quartz crystal scrying point, consecrated. This will be 2-4" high, 2-3" wide. I don't control the growth of crystals, so there's no conformity. If I went with quartz crystal balls, I wouldn't buy this kit, it would cost too much. I like using my quartz point anyway.
  • 7 1" circular silver talismans for the seven archangels, the same ones I use. They're all in sterling silver, which receives the rays of all the planets nicely. I'd do the 7 traditional metals, but I'm not working in lead or tin these days. I've gotten enough lead poisoning, and silver works great.
  • 1 brass incense holder
  • 1 pack of stick incense, nag champa, my current favorite for all spirits. 
Shipping is not included, it will likely be around $5-15 in the US, $25-50 overseas. I haven't checked.

I'm only making 7 sets of these things, and they will not likely be shipped until early September. Please order using the button below. As long as you can place an order, they are not sold out.