Sunday, July 30, 2006

A Week-Long Walk

Ahh, the waxing moon. Maybe I'm just superstitious, I don't know, but I certainly do feel better in general. With Mercury going Direct in the same week, I feel pretty good about things in general.

This week, I plan to work with each of the archangels of the planets in their appropriate hour on their appropriate day. The goal is to achieve better balance and integration of the energies of the spheres. I've spent the last month or so obsessing with Jupiter and its denizens in the different worlds, and I got to a point where everything I saw was related to money. I'm pretty sure my pupils had become dollar signs.

Many thanks to the people who have pointed this annoying trait out to me. The point of my work is to head towards the Red Work after all. So to get myself back on track, I've embarked on this particular course of action. I began Friday with a discussion with my HGA, and then last night worked with Tzaphkiel to integrate the energies of Saturn into my sphere. Later today I'll be working with Michael to integrate the energies of the Sun.

This week, expect to see posts of the results of my Works.

Friday, July 21, 2006

In case you're wonderng...

If you're wondering why the posts have died down for the last couple weeks, it's because of the waning moon. During this phase, there's not much point in doing magick. Some people use it as a time for curses or bindings, but I'm not into all that. I mean, sometimes I am, but not this time.

I like the way it's all set up. Two weeks of sending energies out, two weeks for drawing energies in. Sometimes I get annoyed that I have to wait for the moon phase to turn, but usually I find that whatever I was anxious to get done wasn't that important anyway.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Spirit Pot Manual

I've begun the somewhat painstaking process of writing out the events that lead to the creation of my spirit pot, the details of making it, and the results. Maybe it'll turn into an actual published manuscript. Time will tell.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Spirit Pot Operation Results

Well, last night I posted the downside of my spirit pot operation results. I didn't win the lottery. But I was right in not claiming the operation a failure.

Today I got called into my boss's office and he shut the door. I thought I would be reprimanded or laid off. He started talking about the tight budget, and I was sure a pink slip was coming. Then he appologized that my RAISE would be so small... My raise. Heh. A $1,200 a month raise. Ka-Ching!

And earlier I landed a contract to install color matching paint kiosks at night, which will be bringing in an extra $1,000 or more a month. Ka-Ching!

And my spouse started her new job, which would bring in almost another $1,000 a month, if she keeps it and actually goes to it regularly....

So, since performing the Spirit Pot operations, my monthly income has gone up about $3,000. I can live with that, eh?

Now, I specifically asked for a lump sum. I've found out about all this income in the space of two hours today. Maybe that's how it worked out. It's still not the exact dollar amount, so I'm thinking that there's more to report in the coming days. I can proudly say that Bune/Bime is a great Spirit to work with, and that the Spirit Pot is a great method of working with Goetic Spirits. Life is good.

Also, for anyone interested, I can get more of those pots from the Goodwill. They cost me $8 each, and I'm reselling them for $12.50 plus shipping and handling. Shipping is around $5.00. If you're interested, email me at

It's good to be a magician.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Bune and the Lotto Tickets

Well, I hate this part. Another MegaMillions Lottery drawing has come and gone and I am still not the winner. [Picture if you will: Fr. R.O., hunched over his keyboard, typing by the light of his monitor, heaving a large and exasperated sigh of disgust.] The jackpot would have been way beyond my desired amount, so maybe it's my fault for expecting anything to come of the lotto tix. My past experiences with getting precisely what I requested were exactly that: precisely what I requested to the letter, not more or less. So I guess it wasn't really a good expectation. Would have been nice though.

So I'm sitting back and waiting to see what comes of the ritual. I don't count it a failure, because I didn't specifically say the lotto had to be the way it manifested. I just figured that would be the easiest way. Moloch posted an interesting thesis on how bad winning the lotto is on people who win anyway. Personally, I think I could handle it, but it seems that whatever Bune has in mind is going to be different in some way. I can't think of anything that would bring in $7,142, 857.14 off the top of my head other than a lottery, but that's just me. Bune isn't stuck with thinking inside the box that I'm thinking in. Maybe I'll land a government contract or something.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Causing Spirits to Appear on Sepulchers

In a previous post, I mentioned that I had asked Bune why he needed to be able to put the spirits under him on sepulchers. He answered me in a dream, and then I couldn't remember the details. Last night and early this morning, he explained it to me again in a dream.

That phrase, according to Bune, means that he will show you the ranks of his spirits. It refers to a process of "putting them in their place." I got the sense that it was like a parade of soldiers, demonstrating the ranks and file of his legions. I also got the sense that it served him personally to keep the spirits in their place. They're as unruly as people, and require discipline, to be shown "who's boss" on occassion, and that what happens when he "puts them in their sepulcher." It establishes a hierarchy of authority in their ranks, and teaches them where they belong. Like an exercise or drill in the armed forces. A spirit's sepulcher is his place in the scheme of things.

It seems like there's a necromantic side to this as well that I don't quite understand yet.

Spirit Pot Ritual

Saturday night, in the astrological hour of Jupiter, I performed a full ritual using my spirit pot. I placed the Spirit Pot on the Triangle of Art I had printed up a few weeks before. I started with the LBRP and the BRH using my Dagger, and followed with an evocation of the energies of Jupiter (through the use of Tzadkiel, Tzedek, and El) using my Wand. The banishings cleansed the various energies, and the evocation of the planetary energies of Jupiter brought back in the Jupiter influence without any interference. Jupiter rules Sagittarius, which is the astrological sign corresponding to Bune according to 777.

After gathering the Jupiterian energies, I performed the first conjuration from the Goetia in full. I hate to say it, but this is the first time I had done so verbatim from the text. When Bune showed up, it was in full power, and was quite impressive. After some introductory chit-chat, I set about the purpose of the summoning: to add more stuff to the pot, and to give the spirit full and specific directions "by the book."

So, I removed the contents of my Spirit pot, and added a small Orgone generator I had made (using Tibetan double-terminated quartz crystals). Then I added some dirt from my bank's closest branch to give it a stronger connection to the place I want the "riches given unto a man" (read: ME!) to be deposited. The bank also had some small crushed white rock over their flower bed where I gathered the dirt, and a few of these rocks made it into the mix. I was in a bit of a hurry, as the bank was closing, and the tellers were watching me through the windows. I can only imagine what they thought. I placed these rocks around the orgone generator. So I have a small cone-shaped generator, some earth, and some white rocks surrounding it, resting in the center of a long length of woven rush grass. Looks real pretty.

I checked the status of the dates I had put in the pot originally, and they were still in good condition, and the raisins looked ok too. No "Ick" factor yet, so I put most of them back in. I also put back the Magickal weapon, and added fresh incense containing the Lignum Aloes. I also dedicated a small unused-incense burner I had found at the local Goodwill earlier that day to Bune. Any incense offerings in the future will be given through this.

About a week before, I had lit a purple seven-day candle with the seal of Bune affixed to it, along with my desired outcome written clearly on it: "Give riches unto [me] in the amount of $7,142,857.14." This candle was about burned out, and I did the ritual by its light as well as three purple tea candles. I gave Bune specific instructions on what I wanted to have manifest, and then replaced the lid of the pot after removing the Seal of Solomon from inside the lid. I've sent him out to make my desires come true, so I don't want him stuck in the pot. I placed the pot on a little stand I have, and set the remaining tea light candles in a triangle around the pot, and went to bed.

Tea light candles burn for five hours.

Around ten o'clock this morning, about 8 hours after finishing the ritual, I checked on my spirit pot, and found that one of the candles was still burning, and had quite bit of wax left to go. All the candles were from the same box. They were the same size, and I expect they were from the same batch of wax at the tea-candle factory. I lit them all at the same time. Nevertheless, here was a five-hour candle still burning eight hours later.

I'm taking that as a very positive sign.

The seven-day candle had burned completely out sometime in the night while I slept. I placed the seal that I had affixed to the candle while it burned back in the pot and closed the lid. I noticed that without the Seal of Solomon in the lid of the pot, Bune's presence is much stronger. There's a rich, brown feel to the air surrounding the pot now that wasn't there when I had the Seal in the lid. Like a dense storm cloud, reminding me of the red spot on Jupiter, the storm that has blown for millions of years.

I don't know how Bune will be manifesting my desired outcome. I specifically mentioned "lump sum" and "no harm to others" in the instructions. I think a lotto award would work nicely, so this afternoon I went ahead and bought four quick picks for the next mega millions lotto drawing next Tuesday. (70% of MegaMillions jackpot winners are from quick picks, by the way.) I placed the lotto tickets around the pot and explained the rules of the game, told him where the lotto drawing would take place (Atlanta, Georgia) and when. That way he's got a golden opportunity to send his thirty legions of spirits to Atlanta to make sure the numbers from one of those tickets get drawn.

It makes perfect sense to me. Now I just have to wait and see if that's the way this will all turn out.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Spirit Pot Update


I've gotten new information on formulating the Spirit Pot from a hoodoo worker and root doctor (are they the same thing?) over at the Solomonic yahoo group. He goes by the name "Inominandum," and has written a book and quite a few interesting articles over at his website. I enjoyed the interview with Simon, author of the still-controversial Necronomicon, immensely.

He suggested lining the bottom of the pot with dirt form my local community. Since Bune is associated with bringing riches and eloquence to a man, the ideal dirt would be from a local bank and from the local library. I'll be gathering some dirt from my own branches of both this weekend. We also discussed including the ashes of burned books, and he indicated that would be useful as well.

Everything that goes into the Spirit Pot serves some purpose. Tools for the spirit to use in his activities on your behalf are included. For example, the "Magickal Weapon" from 777 I included was the arrow, as Bune is a Sagitarian aspected spirit. With a weapon he is associated with, Bune becomes a more formidable spirit ally. The other stuff I've included in the pot serve to create a conducive environment for the spirit.

Additionally, the process of making offerings was clarified. Inominandum confirmed that anything given to the spirit is the spirit's for life. No giving and taking away. Food offerings that spoil can be taken away when the spirit indicates it is finished by turning the food into "ick." (Ick is the technical term for food offerings deprived of spiritual essence, I believe.)

Other members of the group have helped me understand how to set up the pot in my ritual space. Aaron Leitch suggested setting up a dedicated space with an altar cloth with Bune's seal on it, and that suggestion was confirmed by others on the list as being appropriate. Inominandum mentioned that the pot can also be placed on a plate that serves as a place to make your offerings as well. Generally, anything placed in the vicinity seems to work.

Last night I spoke directly with Bune via the Spirit Pot for the first time in a while. Mostly I've only addressed him casually while making offerings. I asked for more information on what the part of his description about spirits gathering on sepulchers was used for, and asked him to reveal it to me in dreams. I tossed and turned all night after that, couldn't get into a deep sleep. I kept having short bursts of lucid dreaming where I heard Bune speaking, but in images that I couldn't make out, or in a voice that was barely audible.

I've been on an orgone generator craze lately, and I've got about three or four of them in my room. I think they were making too much static for clear communications. This morning in between snooze alarms, I had extremely visual dreams where Bune explained exactly what was going on with that part of his description, but as soon as I sat up, the dreams were gone. I expect to be able to recover the information in trance work later this evening though.