Monday, April 21, 2008

Sepulchers are Graves

It has come to my attention that people don't know what sepulchers are. This causes confusion in determining what, exactly, the traits of Bune of the Goetia are.

Sepulchers are graves. You put dead bodies in them. They're usually above ground, but not as impressive as a mausoleum. Any cave you put a body in would have been called a sepulcher, I think.

Anyway. Graves.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Intelligent Communication Between the Spheres

Shit. You're catching me mid-satori at the moment, so forgive me if I ramble.

Ok, so I've been doing the Neo-Platonic/Merkavah (NPM) rite my HGA and I pow-wowed on. I'm talking to my friend Fr. Bone Head today about some of his dream journals, and we get into the topic of Tiphareth consciousness out of Crowley's notes (Point III) of Liber Samekh, the sentence in the text that has footnote 8 in it, and the preceding paragraphs:
"...the Tiphereth-consciousness alone is connected by paths with the various parts of his mind."
The image of the Tree of Life was illustrated in my mind in great detail, showing all the paths from Tiphareth to the other spheres. In a flash of insight, I had the image of myself doing the NPM rite, and I saw myself traveling through all the spheres as I progressed from the realms of matter to the highest heavens. In the image I was like a "Little Mercury," and by doing that rite I was delivering communications between the spheres.

In a moment, I saw that magicians doing the Great Work are all sort of doing the same job. We become the messengers between the planetary governors, in a way, linking them and strengthening their ability to work together as a team.

When we Work with each planetary intelligence, our sphere is tuned to the vibration of the sphere it represents. When we travel to the next sphere, that sphere's Intelligence is directly aware of the impression in our sphere left by the previous sphere's intelligence. We become part of the communication that occurs between the spheres when we perform the act that is described in the Emerald Tablet of Hermes.

This mini-satori explains why my Daimon included the trip back down through the spheres. By going up and then returning down, each sphere receives interaction with every other sphere. If we only went up through the spheres, the Intelligence of the Moon would miss an opportunity to see the recent impact of the Intelligence of Saturn on one magician's sphere.

It's almost like we're Sparks traveling the neural networks of an interplanetary Intelligence's brain.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Templars, Gnostics, and Christians... Oh MY!

Found on my list of blogs this morning, from back in January at a friend's blog.


The neat thing, to me, isn't the John the Baptist or John the Evangelist, or Templar connections. The neat thing is that it's a living, working Gnostic Christian sect that continues to follow the spiritual techniques of the first through the third centuries after Christ. That's pretty impressive to this Hermetic Christian.

The Trouble with Tinfoil Hats

"It requires no stretch of the imagination to conclude that the current helmet craze is likely to have been propagated by the Government, possibly with the involvement of the FCC. We hope this report will encourage the paranoid community to develop improved helmet designs to avoid falling prey to these shortcomings."

Saturday, April 12, 2008

What the HELL is going on here?

Magicians. We're all seeking the powers of the universe, changing ourselves into something greater than we started out as, or at least more pure so we can participate with God in the CREATION of the UNIVERSE. Okay, well, maybe just managing and maintaining the manifestation as it occurs, but being consciously aware of the fact during the planning and processing stages of the project at hand.

But here I am reading John Dee this week, and come to find out, one of the "greater" magicians of recorded history was fumbling in just as much dark as me. He spent all that time with Kelley developing (or receiving, if you will) what amounts to a system of planetary magic. He conjured and cajoled, enticed and entreated God to send him these spirits that revealed a system of magic that he never even used.

Heading back to Agrippa, the man was a brilliant librarian, researcher, and reporter. But for all his knowledge, he was just like us too. A man who had to keep his public and private beliefs strictly regimented. The only evidence we have that Agrippa actually performed magic is his obvious "insider's" understanding of the material he recorded. That inference can't even be made objectively. We have to experience the results of the operations he describes to realize what he is recording between the lines. Based on that experience, we can begin to understand the deeper implications of his writing.

Leap ahead a couple years to Crowley. A great magician, an eager and prolific promoter of occult philosophy, Crowley stands out in history for his intelligence, wit, and most offensively to some, his self-confidence. Yet read through Soror Achitha's Vision of the Amalantrah Working, and you see that Crowley in his magickal practice was a sulky, petulant, ignorant man. Not ignorant in terms of knowledge, learning, or experience, but ignorant of what is to come. He worries about money, and worries about plans to go to Cairo. He is revealed to be a whiner to the spirits, much like Dee and Kelley both. He shows a deep concern for his safety and well-being that speaks volumes, at least to me, of his lack of faith that "existence is pure joy."

Across history to the present day, magicians are fumbling in the dark, trying to figure out what the HELL is going on, and trying to influence things to work out in their favor. Their private diaries reveal them to be very small and very dependent upon the forces they work with for their mental well-being. Their greatest contributions to their fellow occultists are little more than sign posts and travel commentaries about the realms they visit.

It's baffling.

From my own limited experience in the occult, in conjuring the spirits, in speaking with the intelligences of the spheres, in traversing the heavens that lie between us and God Almighty, I have seen things that make my toes curl in wonder and awe. I have done things that are miraculous in every sense of the word. In my conversations with the spirits of the realms, I'm no whining supplicant, begging for scraps of answers or a pittance to get to Egypt in the spring. I'm not demanding answers about God or the heavens, or secrets of the cosmos. I'm a traveler in the macrocosmic realms, a co-worker with the spirits in the microcosmic realms. There is no thing or state of existence beyond my ability to access and manifest through ritual activities. There are no limits beyond the practical.

So just what the HELL is going on here? Am I the only magician that uses magic to rise above the problems of mundane existence? By no means is my life, or my skill in the Art of magic perfect and complete. My recent escapades with Bune seem to be unprecedented among my fellow magicians for example, although they have confirmed in one way or another through their own magical works that the source of the problem was related to the way I had approached the idea of being a Hierophant.

The point is, when I found out what was going on, the first thing I did was fix it. Using magic. That's my general approach to everything. It works really well. I use Magic to get ideas about what I should be doing in my mundane life. I use it to get ideas about what spiritual activities I should be pursuing. I use it for food, health, safety, and travel. With the knowledge I get reading and meditating, I create and perform rituals that bring about what I want to happen in my life and my world.

I know I'm not the only one that does this. I talk to many magicians on the internet across the world who are doing the same thing. What I don't understand is why it's so relatively rare. The number of magicians in control of their lives is staggeringly low. Most people interested in the occult are interested in the power to control their worlds, but compared to the number of people interested, the number of people doing the Work, doing the magic that transforms their existence is less than half of one percent.

Magic. It's what a magician does. It's not a last resort, it's a first resort. The lungs breathe, the liver filters, the brain processes. The magician does magic. The magician is in control of their world, not isolated from other influences, but in a position of authority in determining which of the opportunities life will present, and how those opportunities will come about.

There's too much slap-dash going on. People slap together a quick one-time rite, and dash off to the next thing, which is usually something they are reacting to. There's little or no actual proactive planning and implementation of their lives. They're content to sit back and follow the script they've been given for the most part, with a little dabbling here and there.

I'm not advocating any "Left Hand Path" philosophy here, but I do want to point out that YOU are not a passive part of existence. You have choices to make that affect many others. If you choose not to choose, you still have made a choice, to quote Rush. You're an active part of existence, and magic gives you the keys to the Kingdom. You've got at your beck and call the very spirits that make up the world. Why on earth would you not choose to use them?

Why didn't Dee use the Angelic system of magic he received? Why didn't Agrippa put his skills in the occult arts to use to keep from having to recant his writings? Why didn't Crowley just manifest the cash to go to Cairo if he was that worried about it?

Was it a lack of faith in their magic? Was it that they, like so many magicians today, believed that magic is interesting and neat, but when the rubber meets the road, you have to deal with life from the mundane? I don't know. It doesn't make sense to me.

I understand that things won't always work out the way you expect, and that's fine, but one thing I've learned in this Great Work is that I am in control of what I experience in life. There is nothing beyond my ability to research, conjure, and influence. Sometimes the influence will be on my own expectations, changing what I want as I learn why things are the way they are. But there's nothing my Daimon and I can't handle, manipulate, and shape into what ought to be.

So let's all kick it up a notch or two. No whining, no fear. Let honest curiosity and righteous indignation fuel our endeavors. If money is a problem, conjure cash and multiple streams of income. If health is a problem, conjure healing and aid. If something is broken, fix it. If you don't know how to fix it, find out how to fix it. You're one meditation away from the brightest intelligences in the universe, literally.

And trust the things you're studying and learning in the occult. It really is real. And there's nothing to be afraid of. You'll be just fine.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


I mentioned the Doing Magick blog my friend started in a previous post. In Paradigm Formations, he mentions the following:

So I spoke to one of the more famous goetic magicians around, Lon DuQuette. He gave me advice that both fit into my normal mode of working and blew me away. He said the trick to dealing with Goetic spirits involves worship. Not of them but of the ultimate -- his term, the Goddess. He said that act is basically one of giving the goddess energy so She can raise you up. Inversely, the relationship with a demon should be accepting or ‘vouchsafing’ its energy so you can raise it up. By vouchsafing, I took his meaning to be that the energy so given, must be used is accordance with the cosmic flow in order to achieve full effect.
The way DuQuette uses "Vouchsafing" is what I wanted to talk about. In my recent posts about the Hierophant, this is the idea I was trying to get at. The Hierophant is vouchsafing the "energy" of those he's teaching or guiding. I don't think of myself as a teacher, although guide might be closer to what I imagine myself doing with these public discussions of magick.

The trouble I found myself in came, it seems, not only from the "student" performing a Bune rite, but also because I wasn't performing any of the vouchsafing duties that come along with the role of Hierophant.

I don't entirely agree with Fr. BH's interpretation of vouchsafing. I don't think it's how you use the energy, I think it's more about getting the energy that's been vouchsafed to you where it needs to belong. At least as it pertains to this Hierophant thing I've got going on.

I see it as scarves or banners that go where they're supposed to as you rise through the spheres. Sort of the collection plate you've passed in church. You've been vouchsafed the money because you're representing the church, but you drop all the cash (well, most of it) in the total collection that goes to the back office where it's made ready to deposit. You've been entrusted with something, and you've got the spiritual responsibility to see that you're taking care of what you've been given.

Someday I'll write a book about teaching, and base it on the Hierophant. Pay no attention to the fact that the only real classes I've ever taught were 4th-grade Sunday School, and I had a book to teach from.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A Working Magician's Blog

A friend of mine, currently going by the nom de plum "Fr. Bone Head," has started a new blog. He's recording his own work, sort of as a public Magickal Diary, and he's been brutally honest so far in his posts. I've known him for a while now, and I know his experience with the spirits is very strong.

He'll be describing his work in detail at the blog so I'm going to let him tell his own stories. Suffice it to say, I wouldn't recommend anyone that didn't deserve it. This is a working magician, and well worth the read.

He's been pretty prolific so far, so I suggest a subscription to his feed to keep up.

Click the title above, or visit from this link:

Doing Magick

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Daimon Brainstorming Sessions Part 2

This is Part 2 of the Daimon-Brainstorming sessions that resulted from my recent experiences with getting sick from a Bune operation gone awry. For background see "The Weirdest Bune Thing Yet" and "Daimon Brainstorming Sessions Part 1."

Picking up where we left off, I had woken up feeling great after performing a really quick rite with my spirit pot that houses Bune. That doesn't really convey how much better I was feeling than before, the difference was totally miraculous. But I also wanted to make sure it didn't happen again by following up on the Hierophant information I had received through the tarot divination and the first brainstorming session with my Daimon.

So that night, I sat down with my Daimon, and we talked. I can't really convey the conversation because I don't remember the actual dialog. I took notes, but it was the information we were discussing that I wrote down, and not the conversation.

Basically, I asked it what I should be focusing on to enact the resolution shown in the tarot reading (Hierophant, six of Wands, King of Wands). It revealed I hadn't been plugging into the Above spoken of in the Emerald Tablet of Hermes. Most of my magical practices are pretty mundane-focused. I haven't been doing a lot of Scrying of the Aethyrs, rising through the Spheres, or traveling through the heavens in a fiery chariot like Ezekiel did.

And the Daimon reminded me that this is why the Hierophant is the Hierophant. The roles of the Hierophant are a reflection, a side effect of his relationship with God. The Hierophant gets his knowledge and experience and the ability to be a Hierophant on these spiritual journeys, and from contemplating the Divine Source.

I hadn't been doing these things much lately.

So the next most obvious question was, "What should I actually be doing then?"

We brainstormed for awhile, and what came out of that was a Merkavah-esque meditative ritual that includes visiting each Sphere of the Elements, the Seven Heavens (classical planetary realms), the "Heaven of the Stars" symbolized by Chokmah on the GD Tree of Life most are familiar with, and then the realm of the Prima Materia, the First Material that manifested in Kether. From there, my Daimon said, I needed to travel through the Pleroma and into the Divine Darkness in which the Creator dwells. After I was finished, I was to return going through each of the spheres in reverse order and then grounding out.

This was all to be done in the Body of Light, making this a meditative and contemplative ritual. I don't do many of those, and this one pretty much makes up for that fact.

To begin, I lit a candle in my Lamp on my altar to represent the Light of God. Then I lit my incense charcoal and got some Abramelin Incense burning. It's my favorite, and since I always start with a conjuration of my Daimon, it's always appropriate.

I then sat in my Comfy Chair (every magician should have one, as Patrick Dunn says; mine is IKEA's Poang chair with the matching footstool). I had my notes. I entered my astral temple. I performed the rite. It took a while.

First I conjured my Daimon. We have an agreement, I call, he comes. Next I quickly traveled up through the Elemental Spheres in my Body of Light. In the realm of Earth, I took on the form of a Bull, in Water the form of a Man, in Air the form of an Eagle, and in Fire the form of a Lion. When I got to the Lunar realm, I conjured Gabriel, the Archangel of the Moon using her Name, Seal from the Magical Calendar, and the name of God Shaddai El Chai. I then traveled through the Sphere of the Moon in my Body of Light with my Daimon until we got to the Gate leading to the Sphere of Mercury.

At that Gate, I conjured Raphael, Archangel of Mercury. I follow the Trithemian school of placement for the archangels Raphael and Michael. This means that they are switched from what you see in the Magical Calendar link above. The seals stay with the planets, as they are the seals of the Intelligence of the planet. Only the names "Raphael" and "Michael" are switched from the Magical Calendar's representation in the Trithemian school of correspondences.

So at the Gate of Mercury, I conjured Raphael using his Seal and the God Name Elohim Tzabaoth. I traveled through Mercury to the Gate of Venus, and did the same with Haniel using the God Name Jehovah Tzabaoth. For each of the remaining spheres, it was the same, conhjure Archangel using the Sigil, name of the angel, and appropriate God Name, and then travel the sphere to the Gate to the next Sphere. After Venus, it went Sun-Michael-Seal-Eloah Va Da'at, Mars-Camael-Seal-Elohim Gibor, Jupiter-Sachiel-El, Saturn-Cassiel-Jehovah Elohim.

When I got to the Gate to the Heaven of the Stars (roughly corresponding to Chokmah on the GD Tree of Life, I conjured Ratziel in the God Name Jah. I used the name Ratziel spelled out in the Celestial Script for the spirit's Seal. After traveling through that sphere, I conjured the Archangel Metatron using the Name Eheieh to get access into Kether.

The rest can't really be described in words. I continued traveling through what is represented by the three negative veils. The first negative veil, the Ain Soph Aur was to me the Pleroma of the Gnostics. Multiple heavens, multiple entities that spoke in light instead of sound. Very interesting. I think that's what you go through when you scry the Enochian Aethyrs, but I don't know that to be true, just a suspicion. After that, I went through the Divine Darkness that Dionysius talks about. This is a must-read, in my opinion. Click that link later.

Then I returned through the Spheres I had ascended through on the way up, conjuring each spirit at each gate until I reached the Elemental realm of fire. There I conjure Michael Angel of the the Element Fire and had him guide me through the Sphere to the Gate to the Realm of Air, where I conjured Raphael to lead me to the Gate of Water, then Gabriel who lead me to the Gate of Earth, and finally Uriel, who lead me back to my own Astral Temple. I thanked him, and my Daimon and then got up and did some grounding-out exercises.

It took SIX HOURS. Strangely, three of those hours were spent in the Realm of the Moon on the way up. The rest took much less time. I had a lot of Lunar things to deal with. I may or may not blog about them. I'm sure you'll find plenty of your own things to discover if you choose to do a rite like this, although the Moon realm might not take you as long.

Dee does say something about needing to travel three times around the Earth in the Realm of the Moon before you can reach the next sphere in his Hieroglyphic Monad though, and I hadn't known that before doing the rite. Maybe that's part of it, I don't know.

Well, that's Part 2. I wanted to get these out tonight before I forgot some of the details.

Good Nigh, and Good Magick.

Daimon vs. HGA

Recent conversations about the Holy Guardian Angel (HGA) have reinforced my belief that the term "HGA" has too much misinformation applied to it to be used in public conversations.

Most people think that having Knowledge and Conversation with the HGA (K&CHGA) is the end-all be-all goal of the Great Work, which it isn't. They equate it with Eastern Mysticism's enlightenment, which it isn't. They think it makes them an Ipsimus, which it can, but it takes a while, it's not an instant transformation.

The "HGA" is a resource. It's a helper spirit. It grants authority over most spirits (I haven't found any that it doesn't grant authority over). It tells you information. It can tell you what possible outcomes for a situation are. It can tell you what you should be studying. It WILL tell you how many times it saved your ass. It can also grant you other helper spirits. It protects from magickal attack by warning you, and actually shielding you to a large extent, if you ask it to. It guides you through the Planetary spheres. It tells you the truth.

These traits were better understood in my opinion as the traits of the Daimon of the Greek culture. The Daimon was a personal spirit, and it was said that Socrates' Daimon spoke with him all his life, and could be seen and spoken with by others. Almost like the mythical Don Juan of Castaneda's creation, except it never told Socrates what to do.

So going forward, I'm going to try to not use "HGA" when I reference this wonderful helper spirit. I'm going to try to stick with Daimon, but the term "Genius" can also be applied. If too many poeple start equating Daimon with either the Evil Daimon from Pymander or "demons" from Christian pop-culture, I'll switch to Genius. The point of public communication like this is to be undertood by as many folks as possible.

Daimon Brainstorming Sessions Part 1

So in the post "The Weirdest Bune Thing Yet" covered my most recent joy-ride in the occult. I'd like to talk a bit about how my Daimon and I brainstormed a way to make sure it didn't happen again.

For starters, the first thing I did when I got the explanation of what was going on was to verify it with my Daimon. I simply cocked my head to where he usually resides, behind me and a little on the right, and asked him if this was legit. I got a nod from him, and I confirmed the next step was to do my own divination.

So I shuffled my mini-Rider-Waite deck while specifically asking out loud "What is the source of my illness?" I use the 15-card layout that is suggested in the little book that comes with Crowley's Thoth deck. It's always worked well for me.

Current circumstances indicated that the oracle was right. I had the Five of Wands in the center significator spot. Cards surrounding it indicated I was fighting the results of a smug person stealing knowledge, and a confirmation from my Daimon that the coin oracle had described what happened accurately. I then had two options to deal with the problem. Magickal counter-attack aimed at the person who had done it in the first place, or rising above it and putting the forces that were at work in my sphere into their proper place as the second option. I had been considering the first option, mainly, because I was pissed. however, the cards indicated I'd run into more fighting and eventual sorrow or regret at taking that path.

The second option showed me how I could permanently conquer this kind of strife by putting things right that were wrong in the moment, and by behaving in a different way in my personal practices. These cards were the King of Wands on the right, the Hierophant in the center, and the six of wands on the left. The six of wands indicated peace and victory after putting down the current strife in the five of wands. From the King of Wands, I got the image of no longer having to fight because I had established the hierarchy in the realm of Wands one must in order to be the King.

The Hierophant was the primary image of this grouping. It coalesced the other two cards, representing the path that I needed to take to achieve present victory (6 of wands) and lasting Lordship over this kind of strife (King of Wands). I have a long history of the Hierophant popping up representing me, in readings I perform for myself and readings performed by others. That and the much better results made it clear which option I should take.

The next step was to plan out the actual ritual Work I would need to do in order to clear up the current mess and make sure it wouldn't happen again. The coin oracle indicated that "my" Bune (the spirit in the Bune Spirit Pot I made) would be able to fix the current mess, so I confirmed that with my Daimon. He indicated that was the way to go.

It's in keeping with the role of the Hierophant to be the go-between with the spirits on behalf of people who have messed things up. The priest or shaman is called to perform the exorcism, the man or woman with the divine connections is there for the people. I think this is why the Rider-Waite Hierophant is pointing up with his projecting (right) hand and the receptive (left) hand is projecting over the monks in front of him, holding the symbol that represents (in my opinion) the Caduceus, or his ability to travel through the higher spheres, the heavens, or sephiroth, however you want to perceive it.

So I went to my spirit pot and asked Bune to put any spirits that were causing me illness back into their proper place. This is one of his talents he revealed to me (it's in the description in the Goetia, but I didn't understand it). Bune agreed, and I lit five tea light candles in front of his Pot in thanks for his actions.

I woke up healed the next morning, as stated in the earlier post. I still had to figure out how to overcome things like this happening again though, so I planned another Daimon brainstorming session for the next night. That will be Part 2.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

The Weirdest Bune Thing Yet

Ok, now I've been posting my Bune rites and rituals here along with results for over a year. Spirit pot, sigils, copper medallions, Jupiter-Sagittarius-OK-only-Venus, blah blah blah. From wealth to exorcisms, I've talked about the things this spirit can do and has done in my life on this blog.

But this one takes the cake. It's totally beyond anything I've experienced with Bune, and if anyone told me the following anecdote and the role Bune played in it, I'd tell them that based on my experience to date with Bune (up until yesterday), they were frankly completely full of shit. Just goes to show there's always another wrinkle up the sleeve.

Ok, so I've been sick. Really sick. For a few weeks. Bad. Fever, coughing, all the flu symptoms, the common cold symptoms, and sinusitis symptoms you can imagine. A sore throat, multi-hued phlegm, and my coughing muscles were literally sore from the non-stop coughing that had been going on. The doctors told me it was a virus, and that they couldn't do anything but treat the symptoms. I got a $200+ bill for an inhaler (I'm not asthmatic), some prednisone, and a tiny little bottle of cough syrup that had morphine in it. Knocked me on my ass last weekend, from Friday afternoon when I got it until Monday morning when I had to quit taking it to be able to work. All I did was sleep and sweat and hallucinate from the fever. And cough.

Ok, enough background. I was really sick. I was complaining to a friend in email who unfortunately asked how I was doing. I told them in such detail that they couldn't finish their banana bread. I mentioned I was going to do a divination to see if someone was spiritually attacking me or if there were some crossed condition, as soon as I felt up to it.

Whipping out their favorite oracle, a flippin' coin (get it, flippin'!?) , they performed a quick divination and sent me the results. They said that a student had performed some healing rite using the techniques I'd taught them, but they had used a Bune spirit for some ignorant fucking reason. As a result of some stupid spiritual connection to me(!), their stupid failed rite ended up with me getting into a crossed condition, and that I could appeal to "my" Bune spirit in my spirit pot and get it to set things right.

Ok, that sounded like horse shit to me. I don't believe in that kind of backlash on teachers, first of all. Second, I'm no one's fucking teacher. I had a guy I was teaching Samekh to, and my particular brand of Christian Magick, but he just sort of vanished in an electronic poof after doing Samekh for a few weeks. And I never had him doing anything with Bune, that I can remember, and I'm sure he's bright enough not to try to use a WEALTH and EXORCISM spirit of the UNDERWORLD to do a stupid ass HEALING ritual.

So if it wasn't him, chances are it was the one complete fucking MORON that reads my work online (the rest of you are, of course, geniuses). MORON, however, was thinking about ME during their fucking ritual with BUNE and ended up fucking up my life.

Look, I shouldn't have to say this, but when you're doing a ritual, THINK ABOUT THE RITUAL YOU'RE DOING!!! Not me, or whoever mentioned the techniques you're using. If you do any magick based on something you read here, motherfucking don't do it while thinking about me. All you need to be thinking about is your ritual, listening for the voice of the spirit, and maybe contemplating your role in the cosmic hierarchy in the midst of the Heavens emanating from the Source. Got it? Good.

Ok, so like I said, horse shit. On a whim, I quick checked with my HGA, and got the go-ahead to do a divination on it. I whipped out my mini-Rider-Waite deck and shuffled and asked a specific question. Shockingly to me, it totally confirmed what my friend had said. I thought, no way, this isn't how Bune works!

But I don't ignore friends, divinations, and my HGA all at the same time. Most days. The tarot spread had filled in some gaps from the coin-flip divination, and I followed the advice that got me past the particular feedback I was getting on the spiritual wire. Then I went straight to my Bune spirit pot and spoke to Bune directly about the situation, got confirmation again from him that he would fix it, lit five candles as an offering in front of the Spirit Pot, and went to bed, still not entirely convinced.

And then I woke up this morning feeling a million times better. Lungs are still hurt, and I'm a little weak. Mildly dehydrated, but man, I felt good for the first time in literally weeks.

So there you have it. You go on your way now and think about it, because that's certainly something I'm going to be doing.

In closing, if you learn any magick from me, you just remember I learned it for free on the internet, and from some spirits, and it's got nothing to do with me except that I happened to write it down and post it here or something.


It's all about you, and God. Leave me out of it. Or I'll kick your ass. I'll curse the living SHIT out of you if you use my techniques and fuck things up in my life, even if you do it accidentally. Capiche?

Good night, and Good Magick.

Friday, April 04, 2008

No One Understands Me...

Ok, well, I shouldn't say "no one" understands me. The fact is that most folks seem content, at least, with the things I do, and seem to grasp that these posts I make here and on message boards are the records, thoughts, observations, and witticisms that come from my personal efforts to accomplish the Great Work.

There are some folks who don't get it though, and I'm not so enlightened that I can just accept that some people won't get it. I've got this overwhelming urge to explain myself to my detractors in the naive hope that they will understand what's going on at Rufus Opus.

Why do I focus on Wealth and Prosperity primarily in my posts? Mainly because that's something everyone I know can use help with, or could have used some help with at one point in their lives. I try to demonstrate that it's not hard to make a talisman for great wealth and riches. I try to get people to do magick that serves them personally. I'm laying out bait, as it were, to get people doing magick.

When you do any ritual that involves conjuring the angels or archangels of the higher realms, they have an effect on the magician. Each interaction with a higher power results in that higher power rubbing off on the magician a little bit, getting them closer to accomplishing the Great Work. Every conjuration of a spirit transmutes the magician's primal material just a little bit, refining it, making them a better person, making them more magickally aware, more accomplished, and better-balanced.

I could focus on all the philosophical implications of magick, and tell people how to do theurgical rites alone, but most folks will read it, think it's a good idea, and then do nothing else. I know, I was there for years. But when I started doing the real stuff, I started growing spiritually as a side effect. The truths of the platonists and neoplatonists revealed themselves to me. I gained insight into the workings of the universe. I conquered character flaws, became more generous, and all the things that a spiritual person ought to experience.

So that's why I teach people the basics of material-manipulation on this blog. That's why I sell the Angel Conjuration Kits that appeal to the basic needs and desires of humanity. If someone buys the Love Angel conjuration Kit and does the Work to get themselves their soul mate, then they will be hobnobbing with the Archangel of Venus, who will naturally attune their spheres, cleansing out their own problems and burn off the things that hinder them in the process.

I didn't think I needed to tell the more advanced adepts that this is why I do things, but a couple of people who should know better seem to think I'm in this for the money and that I think magick is all a scam, a way to pull a fast one.

It is, in a way, a shortcut to everything you could possibly desire. But at the same time, you will undergo the four stages of the Alchemical Great Work. You can't have mastery of the universe without the transmutation of the soul. It's nice how that works.

So for all of you who have thought that my magickal techniques were just for money, you're wrong. I just don't talk much about the spiritual aspects of the Work because really, you'll need to experience them and interpret them within the context of your own life. The techniques I provide are a catalyst for the Great Work.

That should sum it up. If anyone still thinks I'm in it for the money... well, let's just say I'm not getting rich off anything I do online. I cover my expenses for the web site, and make a little more on the side, about enough for a dinner at Bob Evans once or twice a month for me and my family.