Sunday, September 30, 2012

Pirates! Pirates Everywhere! Er...

Pirates are cool.

They drink, they fight, they screw, they take what they want, and if you have a problem with that, you have every right to kill them, or die trying.

Obese bespeckled faces rarely lit by more than the glow of a monitor are not the faces of pirates. 

Copyright infringement is not piracy. It's petty theft. 

Ok, so maybe it's worth millions, maybe, on a grand scale to huge publishing houses, but who cares? They weren't spending that money on their authors, fer sure. They have been parasites feeding off the talent forever. No matter what arguments anyone makes about them, that's all they are. Parasites. 

The publishing industry are leeches complaining that they're being bitten by mosquitoes. The original host is so befuddled by the blood loss he finds himself defending the leeches from the mosquitoes.

Fuckin' insanity, man.

I write because I have to. I charge because TANSTAAFL. You disagree, fine. I'm not here to argue, or to feed parasites, and I sure the fuck am not here in this beautiful material manifest world walking around with a cock and two hands so I can chase cash. 

I came to create, to shape, to mold an aesthetic I think is awesome. I came for the magic, and the sex. Hell, I might still have nerve endings I haven't even stimulated yet. What a shame!

I'm not wasting time on infringers who wish they were as cool as pirates, not unless there's something of value to point out.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Crucible Cometh! 7 Days

I have a nice generic topic for my presentation at Crucible this year. "Angels and Demons and Magicians (oh my!)" I kept it at that level because that about covers everything I could talk about. I can zero in on any one particular aspect, or keep it at a high level.

I haven't decided what to talk about specifically, though. 

There are the Angels, and their legions, and the forces they represent. The inner fires and how they relate to the planetary forces, the creation and maintenance of the Body of Light, Soul Travel, and Ascension.

And there are the demons, of course. It's nice that they're back in the RO repertoire of spirits to conjure and work with. Everyone loves to talk about demons, right? Especially Bune, because, well, duh... Teh Moniez! 

And then there's Babalon. I could talk about Her and the Beast for hours, and she'd love it. Love it. Sex magic, impetuosity, right action, getting laid to do the Work. Much better than doing the Work to get laid, imho. 

I'd like to talk about something bigger though. Something that puts all this shit in its proper place, its proper perspective. Something amazing. Something simple. Something that you already do sometimes. Something you already know, but maybe haven't figured out how to use. It's there in Agrippa, and it's there in the Picatrix. It's a simple thing, so simple, and yet so profound. 

And it's The Key to Magic. All magic. All of it. The kind that visibly manifests entities in your neighbor's garage, the kind that brings the ideal job at twice the required salary, the kind that manifests incredible sex. The kind that puts you in the company of the gods, where you can talk policy.

It took me years to get to a point where I can understand what I'm talking about, and I'm not entirely convinced I'm ready to try to put it into words. Long time friends have suggested I've found a new drug, and though its effects are pretty similar to being high and blissed out, it's not the effect of any added chemicals that has me tripping so hard. Something's changed. And I know what it was. I can pinpoint the moment, the exact moment my life changed, and I found the answer.

And I've got to say it, to put it in the best words I can find, the closest match, and drive the meaning itself through those symbols by the force of my Will. 

And yes, Angels and Demons and Magicians... Theurgy, Goety, Sex, and Money. Hermetic Hijinks on the Emerald Road.

Yes, that's exactly what it's all about. 

Join me in Jersey, I'm on at about 8:45 PM - 10:15 PM, after Jason and before Andrieh. (Thanks Arthur, perfect!)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sex and Health and Magic

Picture me pacing again, because I am. I think I've got it.

Ok then, here goes...

Sex. Sex is beautiful, amazing, incredible. It is a worthy goal to pursue, as any artist pursues perfection in their craft or skill. With the flesh as your medium, you can create exquisite masterpieces in the flushed hues of your lover's skin, their dilating pupils, their gasps and moans a symphony of pleasure, an orchestra in flames.

And that's just the fun kind.

But there's another layer to sex that kicks things up a notch. It's common occult knowledge, if you look in the fun places from the right angle. Italian occultists used a version of it (see this link, page 455) to perform some rites that some believe are pretty black at the core.

Alchemy - Anneal - V2The sphere of the woman is heated through certain rites, preparing her to become the source of heat for the man's transformation. She is spiritually designed to be the energetic source of the Alchemical Fire he needs to become purified. Their rites do not involve the release of his semen at climax, but there are plenty of orgasms to go around.

What bothers people about this rite is that there's a lot of mind control aspects, and the woman is basically treated as a sex slave, her spiritual pursuits are sidelined while he gets to be released from the flesh and have the soul of an Ascended Master take over his flesh.

I don't think the system is entirely accurately depicted in the referenced book, nor do I think the critics understand the system. While it's true, the woman is open to the mental manipulation of the man during their sexual rites, and he can totally dominate her and abuse her, so also is he open to her manipulations and can likewise be manipulated and abused... and that's precisely the point.

The two magi are entwined and Working together to accomplish the transformation of the self. They are open to the psychic manipulation of one another. They are joined, conjoined, they are the Holy Hermaphrodite seen in the Art card, in Temperance, the temper-ation of the material, the annealing process that takes place in the heat of the Solar Sun.

This rite requires a level of trust that is seldom attained between two people in the flesh. "In perfect love and perfect trust." It's that level of love and trust we're talking about. It's got to go deeper than anything married couples feel for one another. It's deeper than a contract, deeper than either person's gender roles.

Finding that person... well, I don't think you can just conjure that into being. Maybe you can, I don't know. It seems like a pretty bad idea to try to force this kind of thing. It would be too easy to do the conjuration rite, and then take the first redhead that comes along thinking that's your Scarlet Woman, only to find out later you made a terrible mistake in your overeagerness.

I guarantee I was not interested in anything like that manifesting in my life. I didn't ask for a Scarlet Woman. I didn't want any kind of relationship stuff, I just aimed for the Work, doing rites to increase the Heat of the Seven Flames of the Throne of God. The point was to unify them, to create a Uniflame* that would incinerate the dross and complete the calcinato of the events of the last 12 years of my life, freeing me to launch the ROpocalypse.

The results... Well. The results. You saw them unfolding in real time, sort of, here on the blog. First Eris popped up and gave me a good old fashioned brainwashing with a Muse, and consequently I awoke from a Bad Trip. Two messages were received, "nothing is real, all is permitted" and "do what thou will is the whole of the law." This was a very important part of the process. Without that freedom of mind, I wouldn't have been able to accept what happened next.

And what happened next was something really cool. It started with a mutual friend recommending we talk about some occult subjects, and then there was rum, and pirate talk, a spark and a flame, and a week later I was booking a flight, and a week after that I was enjoying the company of the most remarkable woman I've ever met.

And that wasn't even the freaking POINT of the magic I was doing. That's why I don't think it's a good idea to conjure a Scarlet Woman or a Sex Magic Partner. If you want to get laid, get laid, don't whore out your magic. Don't pretend to do magic for spiritual enlightenment if you're really just looking for an orgasm. This stuff is not about orgasm at all. Orgasm is a side effect, a distraction from the point, and the actual release of the semen is the death of the rite.

It only looks like sex on the outside. It's all about a transformation that takes place during the rite. The heat, the passion, the intent, the sweat, the fluids, the emotions, the will, the flesh are all mingled and focused (focus is the word of the day) on one thing, not a seal or sigil or sign or symbol, but an awareness, a state of observation and articulation. It is gnosis, it is completely empowered and completely empty of power. It is author-ity, and sub-mission, all at once. It is the place where dualism disintegrates revealing the Union of the Participants, on every level.

There are physical exercises to do. There are muscles in the sacral area that need to be carefully flexed and controlled for long periods of time. There are techniques in Taoist Alchemy that are important to integrate into your practices.

And another thing, health matters. I've lost a lot of weight on this Babalon diet. I'm enjoying exercise again, for the first time in 20 years. Food tastes better, and I'm eating better foods. The Scarlet Woman turned me onto this veggie, bean, and meat diet six days a week, and a blow out carb day once a week. I love the effect. No sugar, low low fat, and I can eat all the healthy stuff I want all day. Grape tomatoes with cucumbers and hummus, sliced rib eye, grilled chicken, fish, scallops, oysters, eggs and spinach or broccoli, zucchini with salsa on top, black beans, lentils, black eyed peas...

It's so delicious. On the carb day, I have to force myself to partake of the kinds of food I used to eat on a daily basis. I had a piece of pizza Saturday, and it was like, ew... carb high... bleah. But it's important to snap your body out of starvation mode. I don't really understand the details, but it works really well.

So that's the Sex and Health bit, and throughout I think I've covered the topic of the magics, the eternally significant parts. It's transformative. The results aren't aimed at physical reality, but they impact physical reality. It's the creation of the world, but not by creating the world. By knowing and being in a state of ecstasy.

Next we get back to Goetia.

* Yes I did that on purpose, because I love you.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The GREAT Work... and Babalon... and the Beast.

The Magnum Opus. The Great Work. The Really Big Process of Solve et Coagula, the breaking apart, and the bringing together, to be broken apart, and dispersed. Transmutation and Transmigration of the Soul of the Man.

It's that Work. Yes. that Work. That is why we're here. Today. That's why I write, that's why you come here and read.

So... how do I put this...

I'm pacing in my mind, because it helps me think. And this one requires thought and care as I pick the words.  It's a story of what happened that changed everything. There are pieces I don't understand, even though I know what happened, and there are things that I can't talk about, even if I could put them into words.

But it's really simple too.

See, I went through some changes in my personal life that have worked out in my favor. A lot. I am able now to focus my attention ("the Word of the day is Focus") on the Great Work, and I have done so. The more attention I focused on reclaiming efforts, the more amazing things happened in my material world. Things have been interesting.

I had my perspective on life radically altered. The Solve phase really solved a lot. The Coagula phase has been incredible. I'm being put back together again with more pieces than I had before, and the pieces I had that are being salvaged are made shiny and new again.

I feel again, and my feelings are all so sensitive and rich and full. Things taste better, the world is lit from within, and I am never really very far from the Spirit world that overlaps and permeates everything, all at once, not at all unlike a painted whore...


And there's Babalon... She only wants everything poured out in her Cup, nothing more than everything I've got. And I don't mind, because she's turned out to be someone I knew a long time ago. She is Binah, in a way, and also the Spiritus Mundi, who gave flesh to the spirit for Love's sake in the Pymander.

Babalon is an awareness, a ... relationship. She's a deity too, but she's also a Gate. She's the escort, the force of gravity that draws you through yourself to the other side. She wants everything because that's what it takes to get you in the right shape to be on the other side. You have to be pulled completely apart to be brought completely together. And the things that go on during the process are inexpressible, pure beauty mainlined direct into the veins...

And then there's the Beast. I thought it would be something like Her, a Deity that was also a frame of mind, and in a way, yes, that's true. But in other ways, not at all.


Beastliness, it turns out, is a trait, a characteristic of the Magician who actively creates the World. The Emerald Tablet is a path, a guidebook, an instruction manual for the Hermetic Magician. Ascend, Descend in Power, CREATE THE WORLD!

That's the Hermetic Mandate. Create your fucking world. For your pleasure. For your fun.

The Beast is doing that. All the time. Because always... in all ways...
the Beast is Fucking.

The Beast is Fucking the Scarlet Woman, Sowing the Seeds of ALL EXISTENCE at once. He has ascended to the heavens and returned, empowered, the manifestation of the Seven Flames before the Throne of God on Earth in a Unifeied form, and writhing on him is the Sacred Whore, receiving his seed and in turn manifesting his Will.

The Beast is Fucking.

Hot passionate Fucking. Tender, sweet, intense Fucking. Fucking and cumming, cumming and fucking. He is enflamed, engorged, and insatiable, and his partner is likewise consumed with the urge to receive the seed, to conceive the child of the union in the explosive heat of the ongoing crash of orgasm after orgasm. He is ever cumming, she is ever conceiving, yet they are never spent.

There's a sexual aspect to the Beast and the Harlot that is somewhat subtle, and relatively easy to miss, so I'll just make sure it's clear:
The magic of the Beast and the Harlot is sex magic, and is performed and activated by having sex. 
With a partner. A living human partner in the flesh. And not just any partner, one who understands:

  • what... 
  • the... 
  • fuck... 
  • is... 
  • going... 
  • on

It is not masturbation. It is not marital sex. It's not hot horny teenage sex. It's ... deeper. And not about anything that sex is normally about.

Drivers, you cum, you lose. Relax. Don't do it. Orgasm's ok, but not the cumming. Keep your seed inside. Pay attention. To the foundations of the Kingdom. Your heavenly constellations are buried in the roots of your Kingdom, mang. Dig deeper. See the Stars.

Driven, you come, you score. The Cup wins every time.

And Babalon's sitting there, just trying to get pregnant the whole time. On purpose*. And you've got to respect that, and give her something to bring into being. You will give her something, I guarantee it. What will it be?

Nothing less than all you are will suffice, nothing less than all you do. Consciously, and on purpose.

It's what you're here for, to live in Her, United for the sake of Love.


And gents, when you're not fucking, don't cum.** Don't jack off. Let the pressure grow and be transformed. In three days it turns into something else, something beyond fucking. Something holy that can be channeled as you Will. Plug that into seals in your throat chakra for some in-ter-est-ing stuff when you're nowhere near the priestess.

* Thanks be to Sefriel for the heads up, but even forewarned, the urge to procreate is a massive force to be reckoned with.

** You should be holding your seed when fucking the scarlet woman too, you bastard, but I understand. She's hot. Remember that's the aim though, eh? It opens Gates.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Magiced on a Boat

Pretty much anything I'd post about recent events would be a Hermeticized version of this:

I've said it before, and it should come as no surprise: Magic Works.

So I spent a couple weeks doing magic to get back on track and start scratching the gate to the 8th sphere. Please note, I performed the Gates Rites, basically, every morning at dawn for two weeks straight. The first week was focused on cleansing rites, the second on reclaiming my standing in the Work.

First thing that happened was my whole fundamental perspective was realigned along more purely Hermetic-Mercurial lines... Hail Eris. Then I met this priestess of Babalon. And then some amazing personal shit went down that if I put it in writing, I swear to god it would be that video up there.

Magic, it works, brothers and sisters. Seek first the Kingdom of God, and all the other stuff will be added unto you. Thou art God. Focus on ascension, keep that One Star in sight, and do the magic to get what you came for, and amazing things will follow.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Runesoup's Gordon White on Deeper Down...

Honestly, I'm more excited about hearing Gordon (yes THAT Gordon) speak on Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole this Tuesday than I was about being on the show myself.

I swear to god, life just keeps getting better and better.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Opening the Gate of Jupiter

Wow, it's been a really hectic week. I started a few epic blog posts that I'l never get back to. I've got to start writing shorter posts. Time fills quickly when you're tapping the Jupiter Current.

Everything fills quickly when you tap the Jupiter current. Prosperity, health, wealth, it's just a boomin', brothers and sisters.

Remember those two weeks of Hermetic angelic planetary conjurations I did? Scratching at the Gates of the Eight Sphere? They culminated in the physical manifestation of a Muse. Polyhymnia, or one of her legions, I suspect. That's one of the epic blog posts I started that you'll probably never see. She's a force of Nature, blew into an occult meetup two Saturn days ago, and reminded me that certain core principles in life are amazing, we're free to be honest and deal with the consequences, and there's nothing, absofuckinglutely nothing keeping you from living a miraculous life. On a daily basis. Except your own bullshit and lies.

On a much more personal level, and in the form of a completely different manifestation than the Muse, I've also apparently been tapped by the Goddess Babalon. I'm pretty sure Babalon loves me. I thought I knew what smoldering heat was about, but I was wrong. Calcinato, baby. Damn.

So yeah, the Jupiter current cascades down through the other planetary spheres, cleansing them out in a rush of flowing power, flowing through channels, filling in details, making you alive and excited again. I can't recommend Jupiter magic enough. Int brings health and necessary wealth to all the spheres. The Business Booster rite is an excellent example.

A while ago, I started offering Business Booster rites. They're aimed primarily at business owners who already have a working model in place. In this rite, I conjure up the forces of Jupiter and release them into the person's business. Having a structure in place is vitally important, so I don't recommend it to people who just have an idea for a business. You need to have the framework in place, and then Jupiter will fill it in with all kinds of joy and opportunity.*

I've got testimonials to the success of this rite on a few blog posts. It's priced at $1,200 to deter people who don't have a business model in place that's strong enough to handle the degree of the forces I focus during the rites. If your business is strong enough to have $1,200 to invest in increasing profits 50% or more, it's strong enough to handle the forces. If it's not generating that kind of money, the Jupiter forces released would likely overwhelm you, leaving you in worse shape than you started.

There are seven rites performed over five to six weeks, each building on the previous. The seven rites go through the seven planets, but they are all focused on creating and developing a channel to focus the expansive beneficent forces of Jupiter into every facet of your manifestation. It's a relatively simple concept, but the results are incredible.

I've been through roughly the equivalent of the Business Booster rite lately. I've started tapping into the current of the Jupiter cult I belong to, and giving it places to manifest in my daily life. It's been an amazing trip, and it's not limited to money, thought that's been flowing in with abundance. It's manifested through Mars, the Sun, Venus, Mercury, and the Moon, and Saturn with his Occult wisdom, and guidance in expanding boundaries, removing limitations, and ... enjoying my freedom. Libertas.

We are all free to live and love as we will. We sacrifice that freedom for perceived "greater good" goals and aims. Sometimes it's valid, there's a time to go do whatever the hell you feel like doing, and there's a time to go to work and make SharePoint sites, even though it sucks and doesn't really work as planned, ever.

But there are other freedoms that we put aside to meet responsibilities that we never should put aside. We accept being miserable because we think we should for some greater good. I spent 13 years in a terrible marriage because I thought I should, for my ex, for my kids. I thought I owed it to them to suffer through the hell of life with my ex, even though we were both miserable together. Totally stupid, brothers and sisters, it's totally stupid. When events transpired that brought the truth to light and it was clearly communicated, we split up and went our separate ways, both of us finding happiness, and the kids expressing their relief that they don't have to worry about their parents fighting every time they're in the same room for more than ten minutes.

What I'm saying isn't new, it's old. Really old. Older than Do what thou Will, older than Nothing is real, all is permitted, but the same thing. Pretty much. Thou art god, go, be, do, Know Thyself. This above all things, to thy own self be true. Fuck this shit, I'm leaving.

Take a look at your life, take a look at what you're doing and what you want. Do magic to empower and secure your kingdom. Make that your goal, Seek First the Kingdom of God, and All These Things Shall be Added Unto You, and shit.

It's a simple formula. Do magic, and have fun.

* If this describes you, and you'd like me to perform this rite on your behalf, shoot me an email and we'll talk.