Friday, April 08, 2016

The Visible College Presents: "The Time of the Gods" in Glastonbury

Ahhhhhh, so once again that angelic genius Sef Salem has managed to balance his work/life/reason-for-incarnating, and has put together yet another amazing opportunity to interact with some of the best minds Europe has to offer on subjects of occult interest and Applied Hermetics! The Visible College is hard at work.

The schedule this year includes:

Saturday's Programme:

  • Elaine Bailey - The Isis Revival (Lecture) and the Golden Dawn (Workshop)
  • Dr Liz Williams - The Hellfire Club (Lecture)
  • Damh the Bard - Worldwide Druidry (Lecture) and Bardic Set
  • Matthew Levi-Stevens - Strange Gods for the New Age (Lecture)
  • Siany DragonOak - Modern Witchcraft for Busy People (Workshop)
  • Sef Salem - Summoning Angels (Workshop)

Sunday's Programme:

  • Taster workshops from local practitioners
  • Cavan McLaughlin - Open-Source Occultism
  • Emma Doeve - Babalon: Where is She Now?
  • Jake Stratton-Kent - Goetia Renewed
  • Julian Vayne - Future Magicks
Tickets are available at the door only at this point, but you should totally plan on going.

Last time I worked with Sef on Summoning Angels, it took three years to figure out what the actual fuck went down. 

Full details can be found here: