Sunday, January 18, 2009

Astral Warriors!

Ok, making fun of the bugfuck crazy is not only a privilege among the Ceremonial Magician crowd, it is a Sacred Duty. NO ONE is exempt from the condescending mockery, not even ourselves in our youth! I make fun of my delusion that I was the Black Dragon come to destroy the Wheel of Time and return the manifest realm to a Mythic Age frequently.

That said, I have a soft spot in my heart for the Astral Warriors. How do we know, really, that they AREN'T the thin red line that keeps the rest of reality from collapsing, imploding, or from being overrun by highly evolved reptoids living in the center of the hollow Earth? Maybe if that dude hadn't gone around dropping Orgone Energy devices in the Vortices at sea in the Bermuda Triangle, in the Pacific near where Pacifica fell in steam and fire, and at the dreaded Montauk AFB, the Greys and their Evil Masters would be eating the fluid released from the decomposition chambers which hold the decaying remains of my very own children.

We may never know.

Every once in a while, I run into Astral Warriors who just don't deserve to be mocked. They may be clinically insane by society's standards, but they're damned sincere. I'm not talking about the folks living a fantasy novel existence because it's really cool to be a vampire this week, a fairy next week, or an otherkin. I'm talking about the people who experience really Weird Shit that's just totally unbelievable, and talk about it in the same ways they talk about their tires going flat on their cars. On those occasions, I try to extend to them the benefit of the doubt.

One astral warrior friend of mine is waigng a war against a being she claims has found a means to draw "energy" from those who pray in the name of Jesus. Of 8 infected clients, 6 have been cured, and the other two are still exhibiting symptoms of obsession, if not outright possession. She gets mocked for this, and you can tell it hurts her feelings, but she knows her shit and puts up with the mockery because she gets results and the people she helps are happy.

Giving the benefit of the doubt doesn't hurt, so I offered my advice about how I would deal with it, and she was gracious and explained that she might go ahead with my suggestions, but that she already has plans in place.

Out of curiosity, I went ahead and checked on this entity and her Astral Warfare. I asked Raphael and Michael about it. I wanted to know whether she was mad and counseling the mad with madness that was effective because they were mad, or if it was something serious. I got a picture of the entity she's fighting, and saw that her efforts were effective, and that she is one person dealing with things that are part of a plan that doesn't involve me and my friends at all, but that she isn't working alone. I got the sense that what she's doing is creating a path back to God for people who have forgotten that God is there, or never knew they didn't know in the first place. By having a spiritual battle for their minds, souls, and actions in the material world, they are experiencing the fact that they are spirits in a physical world. What that triggers in their souls is an awakening to a hunger or thirst that they didn't know they had, and that can only be fulfilled by God (however he reveals himself to them).

So is it hokum? No, not at all. Are the planes in danger of being overrun by aliens or creatures from universes overlapping ours invisibly, taking power from people by sucking their "energy?" Yes, but no more than ever before, and chances are it will not affect you.

But if it does, let me know and I'll send you to someone who can help.