Saturday, January 24, 2009

Spirit Pots... er... bottles

The local occult book shop sells these neat little Egyptian Perfume Bottles. They're made of hand-blown glass, and are really pretty. Ever since seeing them, I've wanted to make one into a spirit pot. They look a bit too much like a Genie bottle to pass up.

I bought some in bulk, and I'm grinding the herbs now. I'm going to be putting together everything you need for a Goetic Spirit Pot (bottle) for a Duke of the Goetia. I've got a blend of Venusian herbs that I use with Bune, which I'll put into the bottle. You'll also get a blank copper talisman forged in a Venus hour that you can inscribe with the spirit's seal of your choice.

The following table lists the Dukes of the Goetia, and links to their seal on Joe Peterson's web site. The links are to his bookmarks on the page, and some of them aren't perfectly accurate; you may have to scroll up or down a bit to get to them.

As you can see, the Dukes are pretty handy fellows to have on your side. If you're interested in purchasing one or more, please visit my Products and Services page at the Rufus Opus web site. I have ten total available.

Duke Powers
2. Agares Makes them run that stand still, fetches back runaways, teaches languages and tongues, destroys dignities (supernatural and temporal), causes earthquakes
6. Valefar Is a good familiar, but tempts magician to steal
8. Barbatos Opens treasures sealed by magicians, divination, reconciles friends and those in power
11. Gusoin Tells of things past, present, and to come, shows meaning of all questions you ask, reconciles friends, gives honor and dignity to any
15. Eligor Discovers hidden things, knows of things to come, of wars, how soldiers will and shall meet, causes Love of Lords and great persons
16. Zepar Cause women to love men, bring them together in love, makes women barren
18. Bathin Knows the virtue of herbs and precious stones, transports men suddenly from one country to another
19. Saleos Causes love of women to men and men to women
23. Aim Sets cities, castles and great places on fire; makes one witty, gives true answers to private matters
26. Buné Changes places of dead, causes spirits under him to gather together on their sepulchres, gives riches to a man, makes a man wise and eloquent, gives true answers
28. Berith Gives true answers of things concerning the past, present, and to come, turns all metals into gold, gives and confirms dignity to men
29. Astaroth Gives true answers of things present, past, and to come, can discover all secrets, declares how spirits fell, reason he fell, teaches Liberal sciences.
41. Focalor Kills men, drown them in waters, overthrow ships of war
42. Vepar Guides the waters and ships laden with armor, causes seas to be rough and stormy, and to appear full of ships, he causes men to die in three days with putrefying sores and wounds, and causes worms to breed in them
47. Vual Procures love of women, tells things past, present and to come, procures friendship between friends and foes
49. Procel Speaks mystically of hidden things, teaches art of geometry and liberal sciences, makes loud noises of running water, warms waters, discovers baths
52. Alloces Teaches astronomy and liberal sciences, gives good familiars
54. Murmur Teaches philosophy, makes dead people appear before magician to answer whatever the mage wants to know
56. Gemory Tells of all things past, present and to come, of hidden treasure and what it lays in (where it is?), procures love of women young and old
60. Vapula Teaches handicraft professions, philosophy and other sciences
64. Flauros Gives true answers of things past, present, and to come. Talks of divinity, creation of the world, falling of the spirits, destroys and burns enemies, will not let magician be tempted by any spirit or otherwise
67. Amduscias Causes trees to bend and incline, gives excellent familiars
71. Dantalion Teaches arts and sciences to anyone, declares secret councils of anyone, knows thoughts of all men and women, can change them at will, causes love, shows true similitude of anyone wherever they are in the world

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